6:00am 12:00pm   In The Spirit         The Original T.O.
12:00pm-5:00pm   Sunday School                    DJ Shaun Supreme, DJ J Smooth
5:00pm-8:00pm                Franchise Mix                                     DJ Franchise
8:00pm-11:00pm               The Gentle Touch                                         DJ hooks
11:00pm-12:00am               Sunday Night Mix                                        Nyce Hitz

12:00am-1:00am                 Midnight Madness                                         DJ Lefty
5:00am-11:00am                 360 In The Morning           DJ Franchise & The Morning Show Crew
11:00am-12:00pm                The Caribbean Link                                       DJ Matik
1:00pm-2:00pm                  Please Delete This                     Please Delete This Podcast
3:00pm-6:30pm                  The Franchise Report                       DJ Franchise, Big Walt
6:30pm-9:00pm                  Monday Mood                                              DJ Just1
9:00pm-11:00pm                 Takeover Mondays                                        Nyce Hitz
11:00pm-2:00am                 Street Heat                                               DJ Boom

5:00am-11:00am                 360 In The Morning           DJ Franchise & The Morning Show Crew
11:00am-12:00pm                Tuesday Energy Mix                                      DJ Sleepy
1:00pm-2:00pm                  No Request Radio                           Unk11 aka DJ No Blends
3:00pm-6:30pm                  The Franchise Report                       DJ Franchise, Big Walt
6:30pm-9:00pm                  Mix Show                                                 DJ Just1
9:00pm-10:00pm                 The Caribbean Link                                       DJ Matik
10:00pm-11:00pm                XX Factor Radio                                     DJ Maxx Major
11:00pm-12:00am                Tuesday Turn Up Mix                                     DJ Sleepy

7:00pm-9:00pm                  In The Spirit                                   The Original T.O.

8:00pm-9:00pm                  The Low End Theory                                       DJ Tommy

6:00am-11:00am                 360 In The Morning           DJ Franchise & The Morning Show Crew
3:00pm-5:00pm                  Freak ‘Em Fridays                                        DJ Nizzy
5:00pm-12:00pm                 TGIF Mix                                                  DJ Boom

10:00am-11:00am                Civic Cipher                                  Ramses Ja & Q. Ward
2:00pm-7:00pm                  The Weekend Report                                   DJ Franchise
7:00pm-11:00pm                 No Request Radio   Unk11 aka DJ No Blends, DJ D-Napp & No Request                                                                                       Radio Crew
1:30-3:30am                    After Hours                                          DJ Franchise


In The Spirit 
A staple of 360° Sundays, In The Spirit is Southern New England’s number one Gospel Program with the original T.O, Mr. Terrell Osborne Sr. Bringing you the best in traditional, contemporary, and Holy Hip-Hop Gospel music coupled with the Word. Along with shout outs from the community. Remember never give up on GOD because he’ll never give up on you.

Tune in Every Sunday from 6am to 12 noon and every Wednesday from 7-9pm.
Because everyone needs a little GOD in their Life.

Sunday School
Another staple of 360° Sundays, Sunday School is an all classics mix show of Funk, Soul, R&B, and Hip-Hop that has existed in different iterations as the soundtrack for Sunday cleaning, cooking, barbecues, driving, family time, and more. DJ Shaun Supreme keeps it strictly classics from 12-3pm and then DJ J SMooth takes over with a blend of classics and more recent joints from 3-5pm. Liven up your Sunday afternoons with the good vibes of Sunday School.

Gentle Touch
The Gentle Touch, also known just as Gentle Touch, began in the early 80s to connect people with their loved ones at the ACI, Rhode Island’s campus of prisons and jails because of 360°'s commitment to serve communities of color in southern New England. The show is sex and love R&B music, old and new, and the DJ reads shoutouts and song requests on air as a free and consistent method of communication with loved ones locked up at the ACI. The Gentle Touch has been a staple of 360° Sundays and one of 360° and Providence’s most well-known radio shows.

360 In The Morning 
The Franchise Team is the best and a diverse group of individuals broadcasting the top music, Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, and more. We also tackle news, culture news, sports, and groundbreaking topics such as Big Facts, Real Talk, and Word Around the Water Cooler.

The Low End Theory
Drawing its name from the seminal album by A Tribe Called Quest as well as the mythical “producer’s club” of the LA beat scene, the Low End Theory offers a unique selection of alternative hip hop and electronic beat music dedicated to quality, creativity, and community. Tune in to celebrate and discover the voices that have shaped and continue to reimagine these genres with DJ Tommy on Thursdays from 8-9PM EST.

No Request Radio
There's no need to request when we already playing it. We play a wide range of music (Hip-Hop, R&B etc.), mixed with funny segments and conversations with the squad (UNK11, DJ D-Napp, Supa, Nephew "Mr. Fantastic" Hercules, Missing Ellaments & Bad Lad). Listen every Saturday night on the WBRU360 app 7-11pm.

Please Delete This
Please Delete This is a fully improvised podcast born from a raw group chat between three longtime friends from Providence, RI who discuss EVERYTHING and delete NOTHING. Follow @plsdelthis on instagram for clips and more. Hosted by Darren, Bim & Genevieve.

Civic Cipher
Civic Cipher is a weekly radio show/webcast/podcast hosted by Ramses Ja and Q. Ward that seeks to have necessary discussions towards a future free of oppressive systems. The show's dedicated to empowering Black and Brown voices and self-determination, and it also seeks to inform non-POC allies. Each week the show hosts discuss different relevant topics and events, as well as their Way Black History, Ebony Excellence, and B.A.B.A. (Be A Better Ally) segments.

Keiley Thompson
360 Director

Ryan Jones
360 Music Director

The rest of the 360° crew, students & community DJs (see all of our community DJs on our DJ tab!) <3

WBRU has struggled with institutional racism throughout its history and is committed to dismantling how white supremacy has structured the organization as a whole in the past. Now, WBRU is committed to growing and learning in its work to create an actively inclusive environment for all members, current and future.

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