What is 360º?

The WBRU 360° Experience in Sound is a non-profit, community-based, and student-run radio program that broadcasts on 101.1FM from Sunday to Tuesday every week and streams on the WBRU app and the website 24/7. Our program does not conform to one specific format: it is a combination of mainstream, cutting edge, and old school R&B and Hip-Hop, as well as Afrobeats, Soca, Dancehall, Reggae, Soul, and Gospel. 360° intends to serve both as an educational student workshop, as well as an engaged space that honors and speaks to the music and issues that impact the community.

The program grew out of Black student activism as the 360° Black Experience in Sound. We continue to honor and build on the legacy of the program and musical traditions of the African diaspora, as well as the specific histories and narratives of our southern New England listenership. We are committed to our listeners and community partners and maintaining inclusive programming that is both commercially viable and that also maximizes dialogue and interaction between students and the broader Providence/New England community.

360° aims to be a space of community for Black & Brown artists, music enthusiasts, and creatives. As WBRU as a whole is a multimedia workshop, 360° additionally creates multimedia content with local and national artists such as live sessions and The Index, a project indexing local artists chosen by student taste.

A Brief History of 360°

360° first began in 1970 over Thanksgiving break when Vincent Thomas started what was first called “Music for the People,” 4 hours of programming on that Sunday of all Black music. He kept the show going on Sundays, and two years later he renamed it to “The 360° Black Experience In Sound,” affectionately known as 360°. 360°’s roots are political. It grew out of the Black student activism at Brown with the 1968 student walkout, which brought more Black students to campus. However, Black enrollment at the school was still very low and there was no representation of Black musical cultures at WBRU, as well as a severe lack in the Providence radio market. Sunday is historically the worst day in radio, and Thomas chose Sunday precisely because it was considered a throwaway day and knew he’d already face resistance from the rest of WBRU for starting the show. However, it also was not lost on 360° that while it grew from a few hours to an entire day, it was relegated to only Sunday for the rest of the time on 95.5FM. Though Thomas was the first to start the show, 360° emerged from a communal effort of Black students at WBRU who continued to push for the format and develop the programming.

The old 95.5FM signal had a wide reach, encompassing all of Rhode Island as well other parts of other Southern New England states, and both the rock programming and 360° became staples for those in its range. WBRU 360° was a Sunday staple for Black families in Providence and across Southern New England. Listeners tell the story that 360 would be on wherever you went; everyone was listening to it. The iconic Sunday programming consisted of Sunday morning gospel In The Spirit, the 360° curated rotation, oldies, winding down the night with sexy, lovey RnB and shoutouts to incarcerated loved ones on The Gentle Touch, and ended with the latest and underground releases with Midnight Madness. Artists like Snoop Dogg and James Brown have come through the station for 360°.

In the deliberations about the sale of 95.5FM, 360° leadership knew that 360° needed to remain on air, largely because of The Gentle Touch (see our programming schedule for more info), which needed to play on the radio and reach inside of the ACI (Rhode Island’s campus of prisons in Cranston). Because of that, 360° entered into an LPFM deal with Brown Student Radio (BSR) and AS220 and started airing on 101.1FM in January 2018. 360° is currently on air on 101.1FM Sunday-Tuesday and streaming 24/7.


Providence-born Terrel Osborne, belovedly known as The Original T.O., has been playing records for a lifetime. He comes from a large family of musicians, like his uncles: Grammy-nominated singer and writer Jefferey Osborne, and Billy Osborne, who wrote music for Ray Charles. T.O.’s grandfather played with jazz legends like Cab Calloway, and T.O. himself has played with bands internationally. Coming from a family as musical as his, it was only natural that T.O. would fall in love with music, too, and develop a deep passion for it.

T.O.’s not the typa DJ to mix, blend, or scratch records. When he's doin his thing, he’s sharing his passion for music with all of us, spinning the gospel records that speak to the soul the most. T.O. says gospel is nothing but the truth, and he hopes to spread this message of truth, hope, and faith throughout the community he loves. He’s been doing that on 360 Sundays with In The Spirit for close to fourteen years. In addition to his work at WBRU 360, T.O. spreads his message of positivity through Music One, his local program providing youth with resources for creative and artistic growth. Whether in music or in life, T.O. hopes to give people the opportunity to see their own greatness.

Hear T.O. spin the greatest of gospel and soul on 101.1 FM on Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights on the WBRU 360 stream, available through our website or the WBRU app. And show love to T.O. if you love what you hear!

Check out T.O.:
In The Spirit | Sundays 6AM-12PM | 101.1 FM & the WBRU 360 stream
In The Spirit | Wednesdays 7PM-9PM | exclusively on the WBRU 360 stream
Music One RI

DJ Shaun Supreme

For DJ Shaun Supreme it’s all about the music and the memories. His passion for music runs deep, and being PVD born and raised meant he got exposed to a lot of different genres growing up. His career as a DJ started as a nightclub promoter when he got tired of scrambling at the last minute if a DJ canceled. Finally, he copped some equipment and taught himself, and he’s been spinning ever since. Supreme’s a humble, hard-working guy, and DJing allows him to be himself and be free, while using his creativity and keeping his brain turning.

Eleven years into it and he’s doing his dream job: bringing people together with music and helping them make memories. As a youngster he’d listen to 360 every Sunday with the family, whether doing chores or going to a cookout, and it bred his love for the music he spins now. For the past four years, Supreme’s been keeping up that WBRU 360 tradition and bringing that nostalgic old-school vibe every Sunday; playing the joints that give you a positive, soulful, classic feel. He wants Sundays to be the soundtrack to good family memories, and for Supreme, it’s an honor to do that. Off the turntables, he’s been getting into videography and photography during the pandemic.

Catch Shaun Supreme spinning classic jams and taking you on a musical journey every Sunday from noon to 5pm on 101.1FM & the WBRU 360 stream, on our website or on the WBRU app! Supreme loves hearing from the audience, so if you like what you hear, show some love and let him know!

Check Out DJ Shaun Supreme:
Sunday School | noon-5PM | 101.1FM & WBRU 360 stream

DJ Franchise

PVD native DJ Franchise has been a music head forever. Watching his father play gospel records right here at WBRU 360, Franchise knew as a kid that he wanted to spin records too. But gospel wasn’t really his jam; hip hop was. Listening religiously to DJ mixtapes and blend CDs back in the day, Franchise started buying records, preparing for the chance to make his own mixes and put his own spin on his favorite songs. By the time he got his first mixer and turntables for Christmas, Franchise had already racked up a whole record collection, and was ready to go.

DJ Franchise has been perfecting his craft for over twenty years now, and has been at WBRU 360 for seven of them. From “borrowing” church speakers for parties as a teenager, to entertaining crowds at the club, and talkin mad shit on The Morning Show, Franchise has mastered the art of bringing joy, energy, and good times through music. Beloved by the creative community in Providence, he’s been committed to the game, the music, the people, and the 360 community.

You can hear DJ Franchise blend, play the hottest joints of the week, and help us stay up on current issues Sunday afternoons, and Monday and Tuesday mornings on 101.1 FM. Or, catch him on the WBRU 360 stream Friday mornings and Saturday afternoons, on our website or on the WBRU app. Hit him up if you like what you hear! @djfranchise

Check out DJ Franchise:
Franchise Mix |Sundays 5PM-8PM| 101.1 FM & WBRU 360 stream
360 In the Morning |Mondays & Tuesdays 5AM-11AM| 101.FM & WBRU 360 stream
The Franchise Report |Mondays & Tuesdays 3PM-6:30 PM| 101.1 FM & WBRU 360 stream
360 In the Morning | Fridays 6AM-11AM | exclusively on the WBRU 360 stream
The Weekend Report | Saturdays 2PM-7PM | exclusively on the WBRU 360 stream

Nyce Hitz

Nyce Hitz, born and raised in Providence, has music in his veins. He’s always had a passion for music and creativity, and began DJing as soon as his big brother (our very own DJ Franchise) copped his first turntables. Nyce debuted as a DJ at his own sixth grade dance. He introduced himself as a DJ for the first time, played Still Not a Player by Big Pun, and the crowd of middle schoolers went buck wild.

Nyce has been DJing for 21 years now, and he’s kept that same philosophy since the middle school days: make the people feel good. Inspired by the diversity of the Providence community, Nyce has learned to spin those feel-good records across genres. Old-school hip-hop and R&B is his sweet spot, but he might spin a lil Madonna or a lil Latin joint here and there. He’s been rockin’ the 360 airwaves for the past four years. On top of being a dope DJ, Nyce also produces and writes music for numerous artists, and writes and performs his own stuff (look out for his EP coming soon!). As a creator of music himself, Nyce has a special appreciation for the music he loves.

Catch Nyce on 101.1 FM, chillin to old-school R&B and hip-hop on Sunday nights, or turning up to the hypest hits on Monday nights. Or, catch him on the WBRU 360 stream Saturday afternoons, on our website or on the WBRU app. Show love to your boy Nyce if you vibe with what you hear!

Check out Nyce Hitz:
Midnight Madness | Sundays 11PM-2AM | 101.1 FM & WBRU 360 stream
Takeover Mondays| 9PM-11PM| 101.1 FM & WBRU 360 stream
Saturdays w/ Nyce Hitz| 1PM-2PM| exclusively on the WBRU 360 stream

DJ Matik

When DJ Matik moved from Trinidad and Tobago, he realized pretty quick he’d have to show RI how dope Soca music is. He goes by DJ Matik, the RI Soca King, ‘cause he plays Soca wherever he goes. He had to put everyone on to the Soca sound! Starting off as the MC for a group of Trinidadian DJs, he watched them mix and knew he had to learn how to DJ. And when he’s spinning, Matik’s having the most fun of anyone in the room.

He’s been on the 1s and 2s professionally for about 10 years now, and it makes him mad happy to see people dancing and having fun. Going on four years on WBRU 360, Matik brings the Caribbean heat on air like no other. That’s ‘cause he knows his shit, old and new, not just the hits. Don’t get it twisted, though; he knows his hip-hop and R&B too. He loves hearing how people feel listening to his sets, digging the island vibes. He’s always tryna improve the show and perfect his craft. Off the air, he’s been bumping the new Buju Banton album. Matik’s a friendly ass guy so don’t be afraid to hit him up and say hi (especially if you see him)!

You can catch DJ Matik spinning the old & new hits and hidden gems of Soca, dancehall, and reggae on Tuesdays @ 9pm, and mixing in alllll that with the hottest hip-hop joints on Mondays @11am on 101.1FM & the WBRU 360 stream, on our website or on the WBRU app. If you like what you hear, hit him up and let him know!

Check out DJ Matik:
The Caribbean Link | Mondays 11PM-noon | 101.1FM & WBRU 360 stream
The Caribbean Link | Tuesdays 9-10pm | on 101.1FM & WBRU 360 stream

DJ Just1

PVD born and raised, DJ JUST1 is the life of the party. Even as a kid riding in the back of his parents’ car, he’d climb to the front to crank up the radio. DJing started out as a fun hobby for JUST1, who got his first turntables at the tiny age of ten. But as he practiced his craft and saw the change that the right music could make in a person’s day, DJing became much more than a hobby. It became something he loved doing, and a passion that he’d be on forever. By the time he was in middle school, JUST1 was fully on that DJ hustle, doing all the school dances and sharing his passion for music.

WBRU 360 has been lucky to have JUST1 for eleven years now, first as an intern and now as a DJ. Influenced by the diversity of cultures and tastes in the city, JUST1 spins a lil something for everybody. His open format shows, usually a blend of hip-hop and R&B, are beloved by listeners of all ages, and his message of motivation will get you outta your funk and into your bag. With JUST1, it’s never a flop, and it’s always a party.

Hear JUST1 Monday and Tuesday evenings on 101.1 FM & the WBRU 360 stream, available on our website or on the WBRU app. And if you like what you hear, let your boy JUST1 know about it!

Catch DJ JUST1:
Monday Mood | Mondays 6:30PM-9PM| 101.1 FM & WBRU 360 stream
Mix Show|Tuesdays 6:30PM-9PM| 101.1 FM & WBRU 360 stream

DJ Boom

PVD native DJ Boom got into the craft when he was only eleven. His first taste of turntables came when his brother and cousin (both DJs) trusted him with their equipment. They taught him the difference between scratching a record, and ~scratching~ a record. The first party Boom DJed, the dancefloor was jumping so much the needle was bouncin off the record and the wire came out, so you know it was all the way lit. From block parties growing up, to the club, the radio, and whatever gig he’s at, Boom’s bringing the heat and making his audience feel good. Boom’s a quiet yet outgoing guy, and for him, DJing is his peace.

Boom has been spinning for 36 years, and he loves the creative freedom he has when he’s mixing on the airwaves. And after being at WBRU 360 for three and a half years, it’s like being part of a family to him. Monday nights you can hear him with the B sides and heat straight from the street. Fridays he’s bumping old and new, hip hop and R&B, keepin’ it moving all afternoon and night. Outside of radio, Boom works with rising hip hop talent Kamau Rose (who also happens to be his son). He’s also big into fashion and customizing clothes with his custom clothing line Kdiore/BR9. On his own time, Boom vibes to R&B and cooks up delicious eats.

You can catch DJ Boom bumping all the best joints and serving hot variety on Monday nights, 11pm-2am on 101.1FM and the WBRU 360 stream and Fridays 4-11pm on the stream, on our website or on the WBRU app. If you like what you hear, holla & let him know!

Check out DJ Boom:
Street Heat | Mondays 11pm-2am| 101.1FM & WBRU 360 stream
TGIF Mix | Fridays 5PM-12AM|exclusively on the WBRU 360 stream

DJ Sleepy

DJ Sleepy digs the technical stuff of DJing: cutting, scratching, blending. He first got into the craft using his tape decks in elementary school. Then one day a DJ from the neighborhood invited Sleepy to come through and hang after school at the chicken spot his friend lived above. From there he got to watch and learn, and started scratching on turntables. Growing up in New York taught him how to hustle, and at 15 he DJed his first party. Sleepy stayed out that whole night; of course he got in trouble, but it was worth it. Now, in RI, he appreciates the more laid back vibes and the different cultures. Most important to him, though, is making his kids happy.

24 years into the craft, Sleepy loves keeping people on their feet so they’re not thinking about anything else. He’s been working his mixing magic for three years on WBRU 360 and bringing good vibes to the airwaves. Keepin’ us on our toes with a surprise each week, Sleepy brings the party on air when we can’t go out. He bumps all types of music and artists, local ones included. Both on and off air, Sleepy’s a big music head. If he had to pick two favorite albums? Life After Death by Biggie and Explosive by Dr. Dre (‘cause of all the fire features).

You can catch Sleepy showcasing his turntable magic and bumping the best joints on Tuesdays at 11am & 11pm on 101.1FM & the WBRU 360 stream, and Thursdays at 5pm exclusively on the 360 stream, on our website or on the WBRU app. If you like what you hear, hit him up and let him know!

Check Out DJ Sleepy:
Tuesday Energy Mix| 11AM-noon | 101.1FM & WBRU 360 stream
Tuesday Turn Up Mix| 11PM-midnight | on 101.1FM & WBRU 360 stream

DJ Maxx Major

DJ Maxx Major grew up listening to his cousin DJ upstairs so often that he could do a blend the first time he touched turntables. As a Central Falls native, he’s determined to combat the negative stigma about his city and show people different, which motivates him to be the dope ass DJ he is. On the radio, he’s laser focused in the mix. At the club he’s a natural on the mic, hyping everyone up while he’s mixing. Whether on the 1s and 2s or off, he’s always spreading love and positivity.

Maxx Major’s been spinning for 23 years, and for him, “your mix is your personality.” He loves the creativity of bringing music to life, it’s his artwork. But don’t get it twisted: he also loves to get the dancefloor jumpin, and the best feeling is when he knows people went home with a great memory. He’s been making great memories and sick mixes over the airwaves for three years now with WBRU 360. His mix is his own style, and he hopes people rock with it. Aside from DJing, he’s also a sports & fitted hats fanatic, a dancer, and a drummer (which he wants to get back into).

You can catch Maxx Major bringin the new exclusive joints & tracks on the come up in his mix every Tuesday night 10-11pm on 101.1FM & the WBRU 360 stream and coming soon with throwbacks on Thursdays @5pm on the 360 stream, on our website or on the WBRU app. If you like what you hear, holla & let him know!

Check out DJ Maxx Major:
XX-Factor Radio | Tuesdays 10-11PM | 101.1FM & WBRU 360 stream
Throwback Thursday (Coming Soon) | 5-7PM| exclusively on the WBRU 360 stream

DJ Nizzy

PVD born and raised DJ Nizzy has always been known for his good music taste and large library. He used to hang out with his neighbor who was a DJ, watching and learning, until it was his turn to master those turntables. He got his first taste of DJing when asked to play music at a party because of his fire taste in music. From there, he began to practice on his own and was mentored by DJ Killa along the way. Eleven years later, Nizzy’s a versatile DJ that can rock any type of event and bump any type of music. He’s a people person and loves exploring different cultures through music and DJing. As a laid back Cancer, he’s all about family, friends, and trust.

Nizzy says the city’s really taken him in as a DJ, and he’s watched the DJing community become really collaborative over the past few years. He was brought onto Nyce Hitz’ Monday night show, and it’s been a lit two years creating a party over the airwaves every week. Nizzy was also part of Mingle Mondays at Beve, a night for local artists to come out and perform, and he wants to get into curating events like that for DJs and artists in Providence. Until then, while he’s in Florida, he’ll bring the heat and rock any event you throw him in, radio included.

You can catch Nizzy mixing good vibes and high energy on WBRU 360 Fridays @3pm exclusively on the 360 stream, on our website or on the WBRU app. If you like what you hear, hit him up and let him know!

Check out DJ Nizzy:
Freak ‘Em Friday | Fridays 3PM-5PM | exclusively on the WBRU 360 stream

Featured DJs

J Smooth
DJ No Blends (aka Unk11) & DJ D-Napp on No Request Radio
DJ Lefty
Sunday 6:00am-12:00pm In The Spirit The Original T.O. 12:00pm-5:00pm Sunday School DJ Shaun Supreme, DJ J Smooth 5:00pm-8:00pm Franchise Mix DJ Franchise 8:00pm-11:00pm The Gentle TouchDJ hooks 11:00pm-12:00am Sunday Night MixNyce Hitz Monday 12:00am-1:00am Midnight Madness DJ Lefty 5:00am-11:00am 360 In The Morning DJ Franchise & The Morning Show Crew 11:00am-12:00pm The Caribbean Link DJ Matik 1:00pm-2:00pm Please Delete This Please Delete This Podcast 3:00pm-6:30pm The Franchise Report DJ Franchise, Big Walt 6:30pm-9:00pm Monday Mood DJ Just1 9:00pm-11:00pm Takeover Mondays Nyce Hitz 11:00pm-2:00am Street Heat DJ Boom Tuesday 5:00am-11:00am 360 In The Morning DJ Franchise & The Morning Show Crew 11:00am-12:00pm Tuesday Energy Mix DJ Sleepy 1:00pm-2:00pm No Request Radio Unk11 aka DJ No Blends 3:00pm-6:30pm The Franchise Report DJ Franchise, Big Walt 6:30pm-9:00pm Mix Show DJ Just1 9:00pm-10:00pm The Caribbean Link DJ Matik 10:00pm-11:00pm XX Factor Radio DJ Maxx Major 11:00pm-12:00am Tuesday Turn Up Mix DJ Sleepy Wednesday 7:00pm-9:00pm In The Spirit The Original T.O. Thursday Friday 6:00am-11:00am 360 In The Morning DJ Franchise & The Morning Show Crew 3:00pm-5:00pm Freak ‘Em Fridays DJ Nizzy 5:00pm-12:00pm TGIF Mix DJ Boom Saturday 10:00am-11:00am Civic Cipher Ramses Ja & Q. Ward 2:00pm-7:00pm The Weekend Report DJ Franchise 7:00pm-11:00pm No Request Radio Unk11 aka DJ No Blends, DJ D-Napp, & No Request Radio Crew 1:30-3:30am After Hours DJ Franchise In The Spirit- A staple of 360° Sundays, In The Spirit is Southern New England’s number one Gospel Program with the original T.O, Mr. Terrell Osborne Sr. Bringing you the best in traditional, contemporary, and Holy Hip-Hop Gospel music coupled with the Word. Along with shout outs from the community. Remember never give up on GOD because he’ll never give up on you. Tune in Every Sunday from 6am to 12 noon and every Wednesday from 7-9pm. Because everyone needs a little GOD in their Life. Sunday School- Another staple of 360° Sundays, Sunday School is an all classics mix show of Funk, Soul, R&B, and Hip-Hop that has existed in different iterations as the soundtrack for Sunday cleaning, cooking, barbecues, driving, family time, and more. DJ Shaun Supreme keeps it strictly classics from 12-3pm and then DJ J SMooth takes over with a blend of classics and more recent joints from 3-5pm. Liven up your Sunday afternoons with the good vibes of Sunday School. Gentle Touch- The Gentle Touch, also known just as Gentle Touch, began in the early 80s to connect people with their loved ones at the ACI, Rhode Island’s campus of prisons and jails because of 360°'s commitment to serve communities of color in southern New England. The show is sex and love R&B music, old and new, and the DJ reads shoutouts and song requests on air as a free and consistent method of communication with loved ones locked up at the ACI. The Gentle Touch has been a staple of 360° Sundays and one of 360° and Providence’s most well-known radio shows. 360 In The Morning- The Franchise Team is the best and a diverse group of individuals broadcasting the top music, Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, and more. We also tackle news, culture news, sports, and groundbreaking topics such as Big Facts, Real Talk, and Word Around the Water Cooler. No Request Radio- There's no need to request when we already playing it. We play a wide range of music (Hip-Hop, R&B etc.), mixed with funny segments and conversations with the squad (UNK11, DJ D-Napp, Supa, Nephew "Mr. Fantastic" Hercules, Missing Ellaments & Bad Lad). Listen every Saturday night on the WBRU360 app 7-11pm. Please Delete This- Please Delete This is a fully improvised podcast born from a raw group chat between three longtime friends from Providence, RI who discuss EVERYTHING and delete NOTHING. Follow @plsdelthis on instagram for clips and more. Hosted by Darren, Bim & Genevieve. Civic Cipher- Civic Cipher is a weekly radio show/webcast/podcast hosted by Ramses Ja and Q. Ward that seeks to have necessary discussions towards a future free of oppressive systems. The show's dedicated to empowering Black and Brown voices and self-determination, and it also seeks to inform non-POC allies. Each week the show hosts discuss different relevant topics and events, as well as their Way Black History, Ebony Excellence, and B.A.B.A. (Be A Better Ally) segments. –for each show to link to– Please Delete This https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMQZNJ-8CgP3EgaDm7wY-aw Civic Cipher https://civiccipher.com 360 In The Morning https://www.franchiseairwaves.com/copy-of-dj-franchise The Franchise Report https://www.youtube.com/c/TheFranchiseReport No Request Radio https://soundcloud.com/norequestradio/tracks

Derin Aderoju
360 Director

Leslie Walker
360 Music Director 360md@wbru.com

The rest of the 360° crew, students & community DJs (see all of our community DJs on our DJ tab!) <3

WBRU has struggled with institutional racism throughout its history and is committed to dismantling how white supremacy has structured the organization as a whole in the past. Now, WBRU is committed to growing and learning in its work to create an actively inclusive environment for all members, current and future.

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