This is a weekly show hosted by Ramses Ja & Q. Ward that seeks to have necessary discussions towards a future free of oppressive systems. Dedicated to empowering Black and Brown voices and self-determination, they also seek to inform non-POC allies.

College isn't easy. There’s a lot to feel overwhelmed about - student loans, study drugs, and the scariest thing of all... graduating. On this podcast, we talk to fellow college students about the things that are keeping us up at night. 

In this series, we break down interesting memes and see how they speak to community, issues, values and inside jokes. We talk to meme creators and commenters to learn what they mean and how they’re made. 

Unearthed is a podcast created by WBRU and Now Here This in Providence, RI. We are a group of college students with a passion for storytelling, and on this podcast we unearth stories about the past, the present and ourselves.

1968 Student Walkout

On this episode, Randi Richardson interviews one of the organizers of the 1968 Black student walkout, detailing the events and emotions leading up to that moment. 






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