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The Author – The person making/posting the comment
The Website – the website owned and operated by WBRU, currently located at http://www.wbru.com/

The following terms govern your use of The Website. In order to use The Website, you must agree to these terms.

1. You must register to post comments on The Website. By registering, you are deemed to have certified that you are 13 years of age or older. Do not register before your 13th birthday. WBRU will cancel the registration of any person if it comes to our attention that such person is under 13 years of ago and will delete comments posted by any such persons.

2. WBRU will not permit comment postings that:
  • include copyrighted material unless the copyright is held by The Author
  • include material that invades the privacy of persons other than The Author
  • include defamatory material
  • include material that attempts to obtain or includes personal or identifying information from children under 13 years of age
  • include obscene, indecent, or profane material
  • disclose address, telephone numbers, or other personal information
  • includes material that WBRU learns is or is likely to be untruthful
  • include pictures, video, or audio
  • include spam or advertising
  • are illegal, or encourage illegal activities, or
  • are otherwise offensive or objectionable in WBRUs judgment.

3. Comments may be moderated by WBRU, which means that a representative of WBRU may review comments and determine whether they are suitable for posting. Comment moderation, approval, or rejection will be at the sole discretion of WBRU. WBRU reserves the right to bar any comment prior to posting and to delete any previously posted comment. The Website is not a public forum, and no person has any right to post a comment.

4. By registering or by using The Website, you acknowledge that The Website is not a public forum and that WBRU is not liable or responsible for the content of comments made by Authors not affiliated with WBRU. Nor is WBRU liable or responsible for the consequences of content not posted by WBRU nor for any consequences of deletion of postings by WBRU.

5. Anyone who believes that copyrighted material they own has been posted without their permission should contact operations@wbru.com and request removal of the material.

6. Finally, by using The Website, you agree to The Website’s Privacy Policy.






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