Omar Apollo:

A Performer at Heart

Words: Zoë Fenn
January 2 2020

Omar Apollo’s stage presence matches that of any of the greats known through the decades. His hip thrusts and high kicks keep the audience entranced even as his songs provide the reason they gathered in the first place.

He started his set at The Paradise Rock Club with his funky, upbeat song “Ashamed.” He hit his falsetto notes with ease and grace while maintaining the same high energy movements throughout the song and the night. With his pants covered in flames, he danced across the stage utilizing all the space he had available almost appearing like a flame himself.

From “Ashamed” he performed “Kickback,” which resembles a Michael Jackson bassline but made distinct by his impeccable vocals. Next he performed “Ignorin'” which also boasts a playful falsetto pre-chorus that is undeniably original. Apollo eased in and out of his fast paced dance songs and his slower, sensual ones. When he performed “Unbothered” he sat down, and the audience sang and swayed along to the lyrics as they were felt in the hearts of everyone in the crowd. He stayed slow, performing “Erase” next, showing off, yet again, the fact that his voice sounds exactly like his recordings.

In the audience, couples put their arms around each other and swayed to the music, friends held hands and sang the lyrics at the top of their lungs. His impeccable performance was audibly and visually entertaining, showing that he is not only a singer but an overall performer. He even paid homage to Queen and Freddy Mercury, music greats that his performance naturally calls to, by performing a cover of “Cool Cat”. When he finished his set with his hit song “U Got Me” the audience screamed and cheered for an encore, and he didn’t wait long before coming back out. He performed his disco-esque song “So Good” which had the audience dancing like it was the 70’s. Apollo finished the show with “Hijo de Su Madre” which shows off his rapping abilities and combines that with his classic vocals.

Overall, Omar Apollo is a performer at heart. Everything he does on stage seems effortless and equally impressive. It would not be surprising to see him performing in arenas in the next few years.






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