Jasper Bones:

Cruise Control Album Review

Words: WBRU 
December 22, 2018

Los Angeles native and king of his self-proclaimed “Chicano wavy soul” genre, has released his first full project.

he project, made available November 30th under Bones’ own label, is Cruise Control, a six-track EP featuring songs about love. Bones’s first three singles (“What’s Your Secret,” “Oscuridad,” and “I Can’t Stay”), and covers posted to YouTube of artists like Tyler, the Creator and Kali Uchis, gained him a significant following. This rise in listenership led to his emergence into the LA music scene alongside artists like Cuco and Bane’s World. Eventually, Bones’ covers made their way to Kali Uchis herself. Uchis’ shoutout on Twitter gave Bones more followers, and by the time he announced his newest single (“Someone Like You”) and forthcoming EP this fall, he had a serious fanbase eager with anticipation. As Bones has grown in prominence, he has continued to find his place in the music scene. In November, he played the California festival Tropicalia, and last year, Bones shared a bill with the likes of Tyler, the Creator; Steve Lacy; Brockhampton; and Clairo. Listeners have quickly attached themselves to his genre-bending style. Incorporating aspects of oldies, Chicano, and indie music, Bones has created a name for himself with his strong vocal presence (he cites Amy Winehouse and Marvin Gaye as influences) and masterful handle of the guitar.

While Jasper Bones fans had heard half of the EP’s tracks prior to its release, the full project plays as a journey through a relationship. Starting with the first track “Oscuridad,” Bones displays his bilingual ability, splitting his lyrics between English and Spanish. With smooth vocals, punchy guitar chords and wavy leads, the track has a dark, brooding tone (which makes sense, given the title’s translation of “darkness”) but is equally groovy at the same time. “Someone Like You” takes a sharp turn from the previous track, with Bones flexing his vocal prowess on a song about trying to attract the attention of a crush. “Soulkeeper” takes on a more electronically-produced vibe than the first two cuts, but Bones’ powerful vocals pierce the catchy 808s and synth chords. The distorted, rough guitar solo towards the end of the song mirrors Bones’ soulful passion throughout the track. With “I Can’t Stay,” Bones describes the pain of being away from a loved one. The EP closes with a change of pace, slowing down with “This True Feeling” and “Be Around,” two buttery-smooth, murky tracks that maintain the project’s themes of love and desire. Jasper Bones continues to show his musical talent with Cruise Control, a cohesive, strong EP that fans and new listeners alike will enjoy. In a sea of indie artists, Jasper Bones stands out with powerful vocal presence, crazy guitar-playing skills, and genre fusion like no other. Stay tuned for more from the king of Chicano wavy soul.

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