Brockhampton Return in Subdued Style:

I Been Born Again

Words: WBRU 
August 4, 2019

BROCKHAMPTON, known for their eccentric cast of personas and unconventional approach to making and releasing music, have released a new single off of their upcoming LP, GINGER.

The album will mark BROCKHAMPTON’s fifth studio release and is long awaited after a ten month hiatus following the release of #1 album iridescence from the self-proclaimed boyband. The single, ‘I BEEN BORN AGAIN,’ was released on Wednesday alongside a music video. Shot in Berlin, the visual is experimental and rough, harkening back to BROCKHAMPTON’s beginnings that centered around a DIY-ethos and make-it-happen attitude. Featuring every member of the current BROCKHAMPTON line-up (Kevin Abstract, Matt Champion, Bearface, JOBA, Dom McLennon, Merlyn Wood) and production from Romil Hemnani and Jabari Manwa, the track is dark in tone and follows a non-traditional structure, flowing from each verse into the next without a hook or chorus. If BROCKHAMPTON stays true to character, we can expect a series of singles in the following weeks in anticipation of the album. In an interview with Beats1 host Zane Lowe, BROCKHAMPTON have revealed that GINGER is 12 tracks in length, a selection from over 100 tracks that were made for the project. iridescence, BROCKHAMPTON’s most recent release, is noted for its refined production, while the SATURATION trilogy, BROCKHAMPTON’s best know music, was made popular by its raw, unbridled energy. ‘I BEEN BORN AGAIN’ contains elements of both, blending a level of production developed over four studio albums with a strong rapport of energy the members have cultivated throughout their time as a group.

The visual for the track, directed by Spencer Ford and shot by Adrian Nieto, makes reference to the SATURATION music videos with its 4:3 aspect ratio and grainy, lo-fi production. While the majority of the video and track take a nonchalant approach, the outro lights up with Matt Champion’s verse and a burst of energy from the crew, hopefully a good omen for an exciting and experimental album to come.

Check out the video below and stay tuned for GINGER to be released in August.






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