WBRU is a student run radio that proudly blends local and national voices. We bring communities together through the intersection of music, culture and entertainment.   

In 1936, our founders David Borst and George Abraham strung thousands of feet of wires from dorm room to dorm room to relay recorded music, jumpstarting what would be the premier radio station in Southern New England. The only radio station to do so, WBRU was named the best radio station in the country three years in a row by Billboard and Rolling Stone and hosted some of the biggest up-and-coming bands in the industry. Since then, WBRU has expanded into young adult-focused digital media, with online content verticals designed to put (y)our voices front-and-center. Our artist interviews and Op-Ed articles, live sessions, 101.1 FM 360° signal (and online 24/7 streams) bring the music-enamored closer to the artists they know and love — and those they don’t yet know they love. And with our catered podcasts and radio entertainment shows, we continue Borst and Abraham’s mission to build communities around fresh and youthful perspectives through audio.

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WBRU is a safe space for all people and a place where everyone is accepted. We do not accept racism, homophobia, or discrimination in any form.

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