Challenges Us to Drink

Words: DJ CJ
August 6, 2014

WBRU caught up with CHVRCHES in Lollapalooza on working with independent labels, Eminem and writing while touring. 

Hey everybody I’m CJ from WBRU coming to you live from Lollapalooza with Chvrches. I have Martin and Ian.

Martin: Yeah, we don’t have Lauren. 

We don’t have Lauren, where’s Lauren?

Martin: She’s doing another thing, multitasking.

Oh. Well it’s our pleasure.

Martin: Thank you. Yeah we made it. 
Yeah don’t make us feel bad about it.

Oh no! We’re the priority so.

Ian: Obviously, yeah. You get two thirds.

So um what are your roles respectively in the group, in Churches?

Martin: Overlords, boss, CEO, minions…I’m sorry, I play keyboard and sing. 
I play keyboard and guitar and bass.

I know you used to do a lot of recording and working with artists in that sense…do you still play a role in the mixing and recording process within the group? 

Ian: Well, yeah, Martin and I kind of produce and record and arrange.

Thats awesome! I know you guys are very independent, how has your relationship been with Glass Note and how has it been working?

Ian:  Great, Glass Note is an amazing independent record label. 

So they let you do a lot?

Ian: Yeah. They work us really hard and but we have so much freedom and they are so respectful of what we do and we have them so it’s a good relationship.

Thats awesome! So is this your first time at Lollapalooza?
Martin: Sure is, yeah.

Yeah, what do you think so far?
Martin: It looks incredible!   

You’re only here for a short time, you are gonna be in Ocega playing there?
Martin: We are playing on Sunday but we are leaving tomorrow.

So are you going to have anytime to enjoy the festivities while you are here?
Martin: I sure am, I am going to enjoy all of the festivities tonight, everything I can get.

What acts are you planning on catching?
Martin: Eminem and probably Lorde. They are good friends with the boys in our band so got to have a beer with them.

So you are from Scotland? Do you guys have music festivals over there? Like any big things like this?
Ian: Yeah its not filled with drunken Scots.

Which do you prefer?
Martin: I’d have to say ask around midnight tonight.

That’s fair, that’s fair. So how has it been being on tour together? Are you guys getting fed up? I know you were on tour last Spring and then you took a little break and now you are hitting some of the festivals?
Ian: Did we take a break? I’m not sure we did– 
I dont think we did. Maybe we left the U.S. for like a minute but there was never a break.

I heard you guys don’t like to write while you are on tour, is that true?
Martin: Thats not true anymore, its changed now. We’ve got loads of demos for the album. Ian: In the first part of the album cycle there is a lot work to do on any given day and now we have kind of  done most of that, and there is a lot more time to be creative.

So should we be expecting some new great stuff anytime soon?
Ian: Soon is a relative term. 
Yeah, well I mean we actually do have a couple of things in the pipeline that we are working on. Maybe a few things that will happen before the album but let’s not say any more about that just in case. We haven’t said that to anyone yet so…

So you have been touring for a while like you said and are you guys getting sick of each other yet?
Ian: No.
I was sick of him after the first week I don’t know what you’re talking about?

If there was one pet peeve you had to call out on any of your band mates when you are spending so much time together that you could eradicate what would it be?
Martin: This is like that game where you say the persons worst feature? Where you go around the table? You shouldn’t do this game because–

I’m trying to stir up trouble
Martin: This game always ends in really really really bad shit.

So I am not getting an answer huh? You guys are all lemon fuzzies?
Martin: Ian always asks loads of questions.
Do I? 
See! See?

Case and point?
Martin: That isn’t even true but I just made something up so like you can see how this can get.. 
And I played right into it by asking the question.
Right. “I do?” “Really?” “What time are we leaving the hotel?”

Thank you so much for joining us. Have so much fun here and at Oceaega and hopefully we can live up to the drunken Scots that you are used to playing for.
Ian: There is no way you guys will be as drunk. We are a nation of a–

Challenge accepted.
Ian: Haha yeah yeah there we go. Are you going to represent your city, single handedly? That’s a lot.

I’ll let you know later, if you see some intelligible tweets coming out of WBRU then you’ll have your answer.
Ian: So we will all know.

So, thanks so much.
Ian/Martin: Yeah thank you, thank you.





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