Merging elements of hi-fi and lo-fi, Yeek brings location to his most recent release IDK WHERE with an accompanying visual for the ultimate track.

Yeek knows how to balance. The South Florida-raised solo artist’s production is crisp without losing its rawness. His lyrics are laced with a nuance that never fails to lack candid bluntness. His most recent endeavor, a music video for the final track on his May 10th-released EP IDK WHERE, is no exception to Yeek’s balance of lo-fi and hi-fi.

IDK WHERE is Yeek’s most recent release and debatably his strongest. Six tracks span sixteen minutes of Yeek’s dive into quickly moving relationships, learning to step away, and letting go. In addition to collaboration with Dominic Fike on “I’m Trying” and UMI on “Your Loss,” Yeek calls on friend and collaborator Jesse Rutherford of The Neighborhood for help on the final track, “Fatigued.” The song blends washed out vocals with crunchy guitar chords and trades out a traditional rock drum track for a trap-inspired snare and bouncy baseline.

While the EP deals with Yeek’s dilemma of understanding where his geographical loyalties lie, “Fatigued” captures the artist himself on a quiet Los Angeles street at dusk. Noting his disinterest in dealing with the logistics of professional camerawork, Yeek opted for only an iPhone X and a stabilizer to produce the visual. The nature of Yeek’s process in shooting the video innately lends itself to focus on the subject matter: Yeek and Jesse strolling down the street, hanging with their friends, and letting go.

Check out the video below, and listen to IDK WHERE here.


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