If you haven’t heard of Milky Chance, you’ve at least heard their song “Stolen Dance” before. That song was the peak moment of popularity for the duo, who actually started back in 2012 in Kassel, Germany, when Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch met in highschool. After graduating, what started as a band became just the two of them, and in 2013 they uploaded some of their first tracks to Youtube. Among these tracks was the notable “Stolen Dance” which, to their surprise, became a viral hit and helped to kick start their debut into the music world. Following the release of their first tracks was their album Sadnecessary. The next album to follow was Blossom in early 2017, and now two and a half years later, we’re on the cusp of their third album release–mark your calendars– Mind the Moon will be dropping November 15.

After this two year hiatus, Milky Chance has begun releasing some of the tracks they’ve been working on off the new album: the most recent being “Fado.” The song remains true to the band’s classic sound, opening with its cool, catchy beat that hangs somewhere between a techno and reggae rhythm. The casual guitar and simple but somber lyrics make the song heavily digestible. As you listen, the atmospheric feel of the song surrounds you; I find myself leaning heavily on the repeat button. Between the smooth melody and relaxed beat, “Fado” is a song begging to be added to your playlist.

After discovering that the band was from Germany, I originally thought the curious title of the song could have meant something in German that might allude to the meaning of its gloomy lyrics. It turned out that wasn’t the case, and, actually, a “fado” is a type of popular Portuguese song– characterized by its melancholy theme and use of guitar or mandolin. Why would they use something Portuguese? I’m unclear, but with the rhythmic beat and lines like “run away… no one can make you stay” and “mess it up… you don’t know how to stop” the word seems to fit smoothly with the song’s messages; Fado is used almost like an adjective to describe the mood of the song and a somber mood in general.

 Along with “Fado”, Milky Chance has released “Daydreaming” and “The Game,” another two songs that are definitely worth checking out. They also stay true to the band’s sound while taking their own unique spins on the concept. If the songs they’ve shared so far are any indicator, this album could be their best yet. Find their new songs here and stay tuned for the album drop!


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