Triathalon return with a psychedelic visual to accompany their track ‘Butter.’

Triathalon has a knack for the unique. Whether it’s their misspelled name (reportedly unintentional), goofy music videos, or groovy tracks that blend pop, R&B, and rock, the New York outfit always brings something new to the table. With their most recent installment of quirk, Triathalon delivers a visually bizarre experience alongside ‘Butter,’ a track featured on their February 2018-released LP Online.

Unlike some artists who choose to release tracks or projects alongside videos as a package, Triathalon takes the slow-and-steady approach to their distribution of content. It’s difficult to find Triathalon’s music or videos without encountering hordes of young adults in nylon bodysuits traversing a beach, but if you’re one of those true Triathalon fans, you’ll know that since Online, the group has released four videos, two for singles that did not appear on the record (‘Courtside’ and ‘Distant’, and subsequently two videos for tracks on the album (‘Butter’ and ‘3’).

With their most recent release, the band tasked director Clayton McCracken, alongside 3D and character artists, to create a world unique even for Triathalon standards. The video follows the trajectory of what I assume looking through a kaleidoscope on acid would be like: an array of bright colors moving in non-linear pattern; gesticulating amorphous figures standing atop buildings; and a mouth without a face.

McCracken’s creation does the most without exceeding the “lo-fi hip-hop beats to relax/study to” vibe. In any case, Triathalon’s members are able to express themselves in unabridged fashion, an unappreciated spectacle that deserves a greater limelight than the modest audience Triathalon has amassed thus far.

If fans like myself are lucky, Triathalon’s erratic string of activity is an omen for new music to come. We can only wait and see.

Check out the video below.

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