Hello, BRUniverse! This is the Exposure Weekly Update. Our team has been hard at work all week unearthing the best new songs from underexposed artists for your listening pleasure. Read on to hear a little bit about each tune, and be sure to follow our Spotify playlist!

  1. TASHA – Kind of Love
    We loved Tasha’s buttery smooth vocals and the dreamy backdrop on “Kind of Love.” This radical Chicago native killed it at WBEZ’s annual Winter Block Party earlier this year, and we expect her influence to start blowing far further than the Windy City very soon. We don’t just kind of love this song; we really really really love it!
  2. WHITE DENIM – Magazin
    White Demin’s lurching riffs drew us in right away. “Magazin” got us hooked with its coded lyrics interspersed with achingly realistic lines. This song rewards repeated listens, so you might wanna get started on that right about now.
  3. STELLA DONNELLY – Mechanical Bull
    A younger Courtney Barnett with less existential angst and more soothing harmonies, Australian singer-songwriter Stella Donnelly fell on our radar earlier this week. “Mechanical Bull” is simultaneously haunting and comforting, slowly spiraling into a raw, chaotic finale that will leave you reeling like a drunk college kid whose friends convinced them to get on a mechanical bull (not that we know what that’s like…).
    This song is just really fun. It makes us 27% more happy every time we listen to it, so if you’re having a bad day, go ahead and throw this one on repeat.
  5. THE GOON SAX – Make Time 4 Love
    With The Goon Sax, there’s always more than meets the ear. Despite the bouncy, acoustic Brit-pop sound (à la Noah and the Whale), there are lots of deep musings on love and loss in “Make Time 4 Love” that betray its breezy cadence. A song that makes you wanna dance and read Bukowski? It’s more likely than you think.
  6. THE LEMON TWIGS – Small Victories
    Have you ever wanted to live in an alternate universe where the Beatles and the Talking Heads dropped a hot collab? This newest ditty from The Lemon Twigs is about as close as we may get in our lifetimes. For some old-school, quirky fun from some talented artists, check out “Small Victories” in our Spotify playlist.
  7. SLOTHRUST – Double Down
    We love Slothrust (pronounced SLOTH-rust, not slow-THRUST) because they sound exactly like what they are: an innovative and edgy female-led punk group out of Vassar. Their newest single, dark and moody “Double Down,” rounds out our weekly update. Slothrust is always pushing the envelope and trying new things, and it pays off especially well on this new track.