Hello, BRUniverse! This is the Exposure Weekly Update. Our team has been hard at work all week unearthing the best new songs from underexposed artists for your listening pleasure. Read on to hear a little bit about each tune, and be sure to follow our Spotify playlist!

MUNYA – Hotel Delmano

Coming straight from Montreal, this track’s nostalgic synths, jazzy chord changes, breathy vocals and breathtaking melodies will make you forget you don’t speak a word of French.

SUPER CITY – Sanctuary

Pairing jagged, St Vincent-esque riffs with jazzy vocal harmonies, Super City have produces a legitimately disorienting piece of dance rock.

SPIRIT AWARD – Wasting Time

Spirit Award spin through Tame Impala-style synth worship, washed-out guitar passages and a noisy shoe-gaze outro, creating a hard-edged collage of modern psych-rock.

DOE PAORO – Cage of Habits

Doe Paoro, an Exposure favorite, uses soulful vocals and circling R&B instrumentals to paint a picture of a woman trapped in a stagnant relationship.


Light, flowing verses trade off with majestic, massive choruses.  Put this on, stare out a rainy window, and pretend you’re in the credits sequence of an indie film.

VILLAGERS – A Trick Of The Light

With acoustic guitar arpeggios, emotive strings, falsetto choruses and spiritual lyrics, A Trick Of The Light is the kind of song that could be corny if it weren’t so gorgeous.

WHIM – Mouths

Lo-fi guitars create a warm haze while Whim sings about raising your voice.  The closest that twee comes to anthemic.


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