Hello, BRUniverse! This is the Exposure Weekly Update. Our team has been hard at work all week unearthing the best new songs from underexposed artists for your listening pleasure. Read on to hear a little bit about each tune, and be sure to follow our Spotify playlist!


Weakened Friends, a trio from Portland, Maine and Boston, MA with a strong female lead delivers an angsty masterpiece with “Blue Again.” The song, which has vocals reminiscent of The Cranberries’ “Zombie,” boasts strong guitar solos while addressing insecurities and feelings of worthlessness.  This song will have you ready to scream and dance.

2. MOON BALLOON – Times Have Changed

This feel-good funky tune will transport you to a sunny day in California driving down the coastline. Moon Balloon, a British group created in 2015, relies on heavy instrumentals in this song, with the beat speeding up and slowing down at just the right spots. Moon Balloon will leave you longing for the blissfulness of the summer.

3. SHE DREW THE GUN – Something for the Pain

Get ready to stand up and fight for what you believe in after listening to She Drew the Gun’s “Something for the Pain.”  This punky, empowering song has a belting tune and some serious edge.

4. OMAR APOLLO – Ugotme

Chicano singer-songwriter Omar Apollo will leave you in a trance with this mellow love song.  It is more than just Apollo’s smooth vocals and soothing instrumentals that perfect this song – his passionate lyrics will have you playing this track over and over.


This funky song about the impending end of the world approaches the subject in a comical, upbeat manner.  “2young” is full of gleeful piano sets and creative synthesizer pieces. This tune has us ready to dance our way into the end of the world.

6. WALLOWS – Drunk On Halloween

A name fitting for this time of year, “Drunk On Halloween”  is a heartbreaking song about loss. Wallows reminds us that it is okay to be vulnerable. Perfect to listen to on a rainy day cuddled up in bed, this indie-rock song will have you reminiscing over your past – just try not to get too deep in your feels.

7. YELLOW DAYS – How Can I Love You

Another love song, “How Can I Love You” carries a classical jazzy vibe.  The gentle vocals and slow-paced melody will put you in a daze – listen to this song to relax and tune out the rest of the world.