Hello, BRUniverse! This is the Exposure Weekly Update. Our team has been hard at work all week unearthing the best new songs from underexposed artists for your listening pleasure. Read on to hear a little bit about each tune, and be sure to follow our Spotify playlist!

  1. Sugar Candy Mountain – Sucette

“Sucette” is the French word for “lollipop,” and this song lives up to its sweet namesake. With a dreamy bedroom-pop sound and smooth vocals over an easy-going drum beat, you’ll love this amazing fusion of psychedelia and Tropicalia.

  1.  The Marias – Clueless

LA-based psychedelic soul band The Marias brings an unrelenting bass groove that feels straight out of the ‘80s on their track “Clueless.” The velvety synth textures and jazzy horn lines are the perfect complement to the laid-back vocals, perfect for any time you want some music that truly captures the essence of the word “chill.”

  1. boy pablo – Sick Feeling

This Norwegian singer-songwriter has been on the rise these past few months, releasing his second EP “Soy Pablo” in early October. Unusually sunny and bright for a break-up song, Boy Pablo will have you singing along with every word by the second chorus of this remarkably catchy song.

  1. Sune Rose – After All

“After All” is a piece of lo-fi guitar-driven garage rock from Denmark featuring a shoegaze-y wall of sound and a sugary arpeggiated guitar riff that all but drown out the lovesick and melancholy lyrics. These elements may seem like they don’t go together, but they ultimately combine into a unique track you don’t want to miss.

  1. Winter & Triptides – Amiga

A Portuguese language track, “Amiga” features the sweet jazzy chords of traditional Brazilian Tropicalia while also introducing a distorted indie rock guitar riff about a minute into the track. One highlight is the innocence of the main lyrical refrain, “eu quero ser sua amiga,” or “I want to be your friend.” This track has something for everyone, so be sure to check it out.

  1. Django Django – Swimming at Night

This energetic psychedelic electropop track will get you on your feet with the syncopated synth stabs and driving drum groove. Hailing from London, indie band Django Django makes sure the catchy falsetto vocals and reverb-soaked instrumentals in the chorus will be stuck in your head for  hours after you hear “Swimming at Night.”

  1. Glitoris – Spit Hood

Punk band Glitoris delivers an aggressive track featuring distorted guitar riffs and shouted vocals filtered through what sounds like a megaphone. The result is reminiscent of the riot grrrl movement, and fans of Sleater-Kinney won’t want to miss this track worthy of a mosh pit.

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