Hello, BRUniverse! This is the Exposure Weekly Update. Our team has been hard at work all week unearthing the best new songs from underexposed artists for your listening pleasure. Read on to hear a little bit about each tune, and be sure to follow our Spotify playlist!

  1. WILD NOTHING – Letting Go
    Right away, “Letting Go” hits with a colorful explosion of sound and energy. It’s got the classic dream-pop sound of the Wild Nothing we love with an added vibrancy that’s sure to put you in a good mood — it certainly did for us!
  2. FRED THOMAS – Altar (feat. Anna Burch)
    Fred Thomas and Anna Burch are a dynamic duo on this catchy new single. Their upbeat harmonies combined with the scratchy retro instrumentals will make you want to jump up and dance — though, a closer listen to the lyrics might prompt some contemplation on loss, friendship, and change. We can’t wait for future collabs from these two amazing artists.
  3. SALES – White Jeans
    SALES is back at it with more chill and ambient vibes in “White Jeans.” This song will bring you right back to that party last weekend when you hit it off with that ~special someone~ (or, if you’re like us, just want to imagine that you did :’) ). Either way, the dreamy electronic feeling of this song is perfect for any chill sesh.
  4. SLENDERBODIES – Take You Home
    This song is just downright groovy. Slenderbodies’ slick airy vocals blend perfectly with the electric guitar in this absolute bop, “Take You Home.”
  5. THE BETHS – Future Me Hates Me
    Sometimes, letting people in can be hard. And sometimes, when you let them in, it goes really, really poorly, and you end up kicking yourself for it. Clearly, The Beths get the struggle. So if you’re ever feeling mad at yourself for that really dumb thing you did, just throw on “Future Me Hates Me” and know it’ll all be okay.
  6. PIRATES AND MONKEYS – Optiganally Yours
    In Pirates and Monkeys, you’ll hear some xylophone, bongo, and even some crashing wave tracks that will make you feel like you’re back on the beach sipping a piña colada again (R.I.P. summer). For some cheery seaside fun, check out “Optiganally Yours” on our Spotify playlist.
  7. DAISY – Still Here
    DAISY’s bringing out all the feel-good vibes in this jazzy new tune. “Still Here” has the brass, the smooth vocals, the scatting, and so much more. Put this one on repeat to vanquish any bad day!