The Wrap-Up brings you the 5 largest music news stories of the week as well as information about new album and music video releases. This week: new music from Lil Wayne and Grimes, some artist hospitalizations, a performance from Flight of the Conchords, and more!


1.  Lil Wayne Drops Tha Carter V 

Lil Wayne is back with the fifth installment of his Tha Carter albums. Tha Carter V shifts between bass-heavy bangers and sadboi R&B with features ranging from superstars Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott to smaller acts like Nivea and Sosamann. Starting out at #1 on iTunes’ top albums, we’ll hear a lot of Tha Carter V in the upcoming weekends. I know I’ll be bumping “Hittas” next time I go to the gym.


2. Flight of the Conchords appear on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

At the height of their HBO television show’s success in 2009, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement took a step back from the spotlight and refused a contract for season three of Flight of the Conchords. They’ve been raising their respective families, writing for various Hollywood projects (Bret won an Oscar for his work on the Muppets), and performing the occasional concert as Flight of the Conchords. The pair reappeared this week on The Late Show, giving a humorous interview and a live performance of a new acoustic song. “Father and Son” sounds like if Robert Crumb met Harry Chaplin’s “Cat in the Cradle.”


3. Netflix and Chill with Grimes

Netflix just provided us with some binge material for the fall. Hilda, based on the comic with the same name, is a cartoon focused on the adventures of a blue-haired girl and her encounters with various creatures. The show itself is really fun, but Grimes’ contributions to the opening theme are the cherry on top. 


4. Lil Xan Hospitalized by Cheetos

Lil Xan broke into fame last year with “Betrayed,” a song about the dangers of Xanax. On Monday, Lil Xan was betrayed again — not by a drug, but by Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. After he posted a photo of himself in a hospital on Snapchat and Instagram, fans got worried. Thankfully, he’s out now and has resumed his Outbreak Tour, playing two shows in Boston last Thursday and Friday. When asked about the incident, Xan paid homage to Rick James, saying, “Cheetos are one hell of a drug.”


5. Pussy Riot Poisoning

The Russian EDM-influenced punk collective Pussy Riot is known for getting itself into controversy, clearly inspired by early counterculture artists like the Sex Pistols or Lou Reed. On Wednesday, they were in the headlines yet again, this time as victims rather than activists. Band member Pyotr Verzilov was discharged from a hospital in Berlin after being poisoned. He’s back to his former health now, but he blames the Kremlin for the sabotage.

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