The Wrap-Up brings you the 5 largest music news stories of the week as well as information about new album and music video releases. This week: another Coldplay tour, a new Death Cab song, and Blink-182’s role in the Clinton e-mail scandal (!?!).


Coldplay announce 2017 tour

Just after finishing a slew of tour dates this summer, Coldplay are going back on the road. The British rockers announced the continuation of their A Head Full of Dreams Tour this week, with stops all across the U.S. and Canada. This leg of the tour will begin August 1st, 2017 and continue until October 8th, complete with a stop at Gilette Stadium in Foxboro, MA on August 4th! Grab your tickets here.


Death Cab for Cutie release new song and video

For the first time since the departure of guitarist Chris Walla in 2015, Death Cab for Cutie are back with new music. The Seattle band released “Million Dollar Loan” this week as part of the 30 Days, 30 Songs campaign. The campaign, as well as "Million Dollar Loan" and its accompanying video, speak out against Donald Trump. Death Cab definitely don't hold back; check "Million Dollar Loan" out below!


Cold War Kids release song for 10th anniversary

It’s been over 10 years since the release of Cold War Kids’ first album, and for its anniversary, the band released a previously unreleased version of their song “Saint John”. The new version of the Robbers & Cowards hit features rapper Mos Def. Want more CWK throwback action? Walk down memory lane with with our review of their set at WBRU Birthday Bash 2015!


Weezer release new music video

A little over six months after the release of their self-titled tenth LP, otherwise referred to as The White Album, Weezer have released the music video for their song “I Love The USA”. The song is an addition to the deluxe edition of The White Album, and the video features a very patriotic Patton Oswalt.


Blink-182 involved in Clinton e-mail scandal

As if American politics couldn’t get any more absurd this election season. With the leak of a portion of Hillary Clinton’s private e-mails, new reports have emerged, including one that involves Blink-182. It turns out that Tom DeLonge, the band's former lead singer, contacted the Clinton campaign regarding UFOs. (Yep, you read that right.) He reportedly wanted to introduce “two very important people” to Clinton’s campaign manager “relating to our sensitive topic.”