The Wrap-Up brings you the 5 largest music news stories of the week as well as information about new album and music video releases. This week: seeking justice, signed, sealed, not delivered, a guilt trip through time, news from Third Man Records, and a versatile performance.


Artists react to discriminatory North Carolina law

Following the passage of North Carolina’s HB2 Bill, many artists have spoken out against the law that allows businesses to deny service to LGBTQ+ individuals and requires transgender people to use bathrooms according to their assigned gender. Father John Misty (Josh Tillman) and Pearl Jam have recently joined this group. Tillman plans to play his April 27 show while donating the proceeds Time Out Youth, a support center for LGBTQ+ youth. Pearl Jam have cancelled their show, citing the power of the boycott. Watch Eddie Veder’s speech and their cover of Steven Van Zandt’s “I Am a Patriot” in the link above. Here is the transcript: "We had to make a real tough call about what we would do about the situation in North Carolina. Because they have a law there that broadly discriminates against a whole group of people. And I can't tell from here if you are booing North Carolina, if you're booing us for having to decide that we are not gonna play there. I would understand that too. It was a hard process because we thought we could still play and make things right and we could fortify all the people on the ground working to repeal this despicable law. We thought we could take the money and give it to them and still play the show, but the reality is there is nothing like the immense power of boycotting and putting a strain and it's a shame because people are going to affected that don't deserve it but it could be the way that ultimately is gonna affect change, so again, we just couldn't find it in ourselves in good conscience to cross a picket line when there was a movement so… So we apologize to those in Raleigh, we apologize to those who are going to Raleigh, we apologize to the locals who probably believe in the same things that we do. They have a reason to be pissed, and we're pissed off too. But we gotta be pissed off at the right people and get them to change their minds because they made a mistake, a big mistake and they can fix it. So tonight we play this one for all the soldiers in the LGBT community."


Coachella attendees file taxes at the festival

The first weekend of Coachella wrapped up just before the April 18 tax deadline. At least 10 concertgoers tried to mail their taxes at the festival’s log cabin post office. The “post office” is not legally permitted to mail taxes or handle anything but postcards and large purchases made on the grounds. Someone has also tried to send out a stack of wedding invitations through the post office.


Cage the Elephant release video for “Trouble”

A few weeks after joining WBRU for its April Fools’ Bash, Cage the Elephant has shared a video for “Trouble,” a single off of their album Tell Me I’m Pretty. The video marks frontman Matt Shultz’s directorial debut. Set to the mellow lament, a man grapples with his involvement in a Western duel as he flits between the desert and, what seems to be, the 18th century and modern-day. The scenes may be somewhat jumbled, but they come together nicely to convey the guilt and grief that plague his mind.


Third Man Records to release Death From Above 1979 live session

Jack White invited Death From Above 1979 to record a live session at Third Man Records headquarters last July. The band said of the recording, “We cut two twenty minute long sets straight to acetate. No second chances. Terrifying but alive.” Apparently, Mick Jagger was there to join Death From Above 1979 and White for dinner and late-night bowling.The album is out today. Listen to “Right on Frankenstein” here.


Grimes appears on BBC 1 Radio

Grimes went on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show to give an interview and perform three songs. She sang “Flesh Without Blood” and “REALiTi” from Art Angels and put a fresh spin on Franz Schubert’s timeless “Ave Maria,” a piece she has been singing ever since she was a child. Grimes is putting the finishing touches on a new music video, and she’ll be back at Coachella this weekend for her second performance of the festival. Listen to the entire session here.

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