This past Wednesday night I was lucky enough to find myself at The Met in Pawtucket, RI, to see The Mowgli’s. Before the concert started, I managed to get a spot at the front of the crowd with some other excited audience members. In that delightful pre-show loitering that we all know and love, I got to talk to some of the other people chilling in the crowd. Some of these fans had seen The Mowgli’s the past two times they had come to Pawtucket and were pumped to welcome the band back a third time. This was a clearly a pretty committed crew assembled here.

The two openers, We Built the Moon and Satellites Fall, did a great job of getting the audience even more psyched for The Mowgli’s. We Built the Moon’s lead singer seemed to be having a really good time talking to the crowd, filling any and all silence in between songs with such pearls of wisdom as, “You can still fail after school, kids,” and commemorating this show as the bassist’s last one with the band (the band’s looking for a new bassist, any takers?). With their smooth and rocky sounds, Satellites Fall was the perfect complement to We Built the Moon’s bubbly pop energy. The lead singer was movin’ and groovin’ all across the stage, confidently punctuating every high note with a hip thrust or some fancy footwork.

And finally, The Mowgli’s. The moment the band stepped onto the stage the crowd went wild, and in response the band met that energy by diving right into their set. The lights shone down on the band’s four main members lined up front and center on the stage, and it was just incredible watching them all riff off each other and dance around together. The crowd was excited for the band to be there, and you could tell that they were equally happy to be there. The energy in the crowd was absolutely unreal, with every song in the set punctuated by the sound of tens of audience members singing along. Mid-set the band surprised the crowd with a cover of Hall and Oats’ “You Make My Dreams Come True”, and let me be the first to say that it was an absolute dream come true. And of course, they closed with their hit song, “San Francisco”.

All in all it was a pretty magical night. The band promised to come back to Pawtucket for a fourth show, and when they do I’ll be right there at the front of the crowd, excited to welcome them back.

Check Out Exclusive Pics from the Show HERE! Courtesy of WBRU Media Intern, Beth Desta.