Matt and Kim at the Providence International Arts Festival

DJs Sam and Stella spent the day with Matt and Kim, showing them a mere sampling of everything the Providence International Arts Festival had to offer: The Avenue Concept’s and the Dean Hotel’s pop up art and skate park, some art at AS220, and even more art at the Rock N Roll Yard Sale at the library!


The Kooks kick off summer

Sam and Stella also met up with frontman Luke of The Kooks taking shelter from the heat on their cool tour bus. Later that night, The Kooks brought upbeat summery grooves perfect for the season’s kickoff. Mixing in new singles like “Bad Habit” with classics like “Shine On” and “Naive,” The Kooks knew how to get the party started.


Matt and Kim go wild

Matt and Kim injected a massive dose of unrestrained energy into the crowd once their set began. With balloons, confetti, pounding drums, crazy fast tempos, and provocative banter, the duo behind “Get It” had the entirety of Lupo’s going wild with the crowd’s hands up in the air, whipping their shirts around, unsure of whether they were covered in their sweat, their neighbor’s sweat, or the water being sprayed from the Lupo’s security staff. Wet bodies and big smiles quickly cleared out of Lupo’s that night, eager and ready to take on the summer.


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