WBRU hosted an awesome second semifinal last night at The Mardigras Multiclub!

With some brand new BRU Crew games and giveaways, the night kicked off with great entertainment.

As far as the music went, Wild Sun started things off on stage with their melodic harmonies and some soulful singing. The group’s passion for the music was portrayed in every note and their set featured a wide range of alternative rock tempos. Wild Sun is only a year or so old as a band, and we can’t wait to see how they grow in the coming months! Overall, a very impressive start for Wild Sun and for last night’s semifinal!

While Paryah’s stage was setting up, Afternoon Bru jock Steve Olsen took to the stage to oversee a mug-holding competition in which fans competed to determine who could hold out a BRU beer-mug for the longest, while also going on to stand on one foot and even spinn in a circle! Let’s just say hilarity ensued…

Before we knew it, Paryah‘s set was underway. The group’s unreal energy overtook the stage and the crowd couldn’t help but bounce along to the invigorating beat! Paryah’s sound was definitely heavier than Wild Sun’s, with more classic rock undertones. The group’s bold outfits and dancing/trashing made a strong impression on us either way and generated a palpable energy among audience-members.

Steve Olsen hit the stage between sets once again to officiate a hilarious rhyme-off between two audience members. The gals battled to see who could rhyme most with “-BRU” to win a WBRU swag-bag!

Last, but certainly not least, The Stilts took to the stage with their matching beards and sweet melodies! With three men on the mic, the group produced a well-rounded sound with complex vocals. The group played seamlessly together, like a well-oiled machine. Perhaps the best part about The Stilts’ performance was the audience reaction– Rock Hunt fans dug the sound of the band and flocked to the dance floor to sway along while sippin’ their ‘gansetts!


Turns out the judges were just as enchanted by The Stilts as audience members, as the group were announced the winner of Night Two’s semifinal and will go on to the finals of Rock Hunt 2014!

We loved spending our Thursday night at The Mardigras Multiclub with BRU fans and bands! Stay tuned to wbru.com/rockhunt2014 for more Rock Hunt 2014 updates and info!


For more awesome pics of Night Two check out the photos below!