Two songs, three videos, too many repetitions of the word ‘work.’ Both Rihanna, alongside Drake with “Work,” and Fifth Harmony, alongside Ty Dolla $ign in “Work From Home,” dropped videos for their new singles this week.

In her typical do-what-I-want-because-I-can manner, Rihanna graced us with not one, but two videos for “Work” (directed by Director X and Tim Eren). In the first clip, Rihanna plays on the typical “video at a party” scenario while making a clear point to highlight her West Indian heritage. There’s been talk about the way she’s dancing on Drake in the video and if it means something, but that all gets cleared up in the second clip. In front of a neon blue and pink background (drawing some Hotline Bling comparisons), Rihanna and Drake sing to each other in that I-love-you-as-a-homie type of way that we’re all too familiar with. Props to both of them.

Fifth Harmony continues this trend of asking you to put in as much work as they do in “Work From Home,” also directed by Director X. This video shows a more confident, and frankly more talented, Fifth Harmony strutting around a construction site while flirting with their fellow workers. The song is made for the clubs, so you’ll definitely be hearing it around.

Stay tuned for more from all of these lovely ladies.