Triathalon talks tour memories, collaborating with The Marias, and the city that has their heart.

Triathalon has been hitting the road hard this fall. After kicking their tour off on the West Coast, the New York-based band has trekked all the way east and is currently doubling back to close out the final few weeks, heading toward their final destination of Vancouver. Alongside collaborators The Marias and joined at stops by Claud, Girl Ultra, and Kevin Krauter, Triathalon has been killing show after show, bringing their wavy tracks and chill vibes to cities across the continent. Curious about how tour was going and how the band was doing, I caught up with Triathalon over email while they were, presumably, kicking it somewhere in Canada.

How has tour been?

A LOT of driving, but every night has been very different, and I love everyone who’s on the road with us.

What’s the best part of tour?

All the people who come out to our shows who show love.

The worst?

Being in the car…

How do you pass time on tour when you have it?

I listen to a lot of music. And fall asleep. Weed 🙂

Are you able to write music on tour, or is that something you focus on when you’re at home?

I actually wrote some pretty dark-ass lyrics the other night, but it’s really hard to remember melodies and stuff. I was able to grab my Casio when we were in NYC, so I’m gonna try and write some stuff on our long-ass way to Portland.

Favorite city you’ve been to/show that you’ve played on this tour?  And favorite tour memory so far?

Austin, for sure. Best energy, best crowd. I vibed off of them. And best tour memory is making all of Claud’s band crowd surf on their last night of tour.

I loved “Drip,” the new single you collaborated on with The Marias. Can you talk about how that track came together?

It was all via DM. The Marias hit us up and were like “let’s collab,” and so Hunter and I made a beat and it was easy as that. We just went back and forth until it was finished. Every time someone sent something back, we just got more and more excited to make it better.

I know you mentioned your transition to New York a lot on the last record. How do you feel about the city now?

I still love it. Every day, I find more reasons to never leave New York.

I loved the videos for “Courtside” and “Distant,” and it seems like you’ve created a strong connection with director Peter B. Samuels. How did you guys get connected?

He’s the best! He kept reaching out to us saying he wanted to work together, and after I watched his videos, I was like, “Damn, this guy is amazing.” We will be working on new music videos together soon. 🙂

It seems like you’re having an amazing time touring with The Marias. Who is another artist or band you’d like to tour with in the future?

Noname and Pink Siifu. 🙂

What has inspired you creatively recently?

All the other music that’s being put out everyday. Been listening to a lot of Liv.E.

Given that you’re playing a show on Thanksgiving, how does Thanksgiving stack up on your holiday rankings?

I would put Thanksgiving at like a 3 out of 10? I’m more of a Halloween guy.


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