If you’ve tuned into BRU in the past week or so, chances are you’ve heard the new track from this captivating 6-piece out of Iceland. Hot on the heels of their triumph at the 2010 Músíktilraunir (think of it as a nationwide Icelandic battle of the bands), their debut album “My Head is an Animal” is garnering serious accolades from NPR as well as niche/indie/folk/alternative music blogs throughout the net. It comes as no surprise – with their masterful incorporation of traditional folk elements, complementary male-female vocals, and an Edward Sharpe-like ease of listening, they bring to the table a soft sound that will certainly provide a nice foil to some of the edgier stuff on our station. Check their website, http://ofmonstersandmen.is/, for a free download of their EP “Into the Woods,” which includes the excellent radio single “Little Talks.” And as always, we love to get feedback on new songs, so hit the comments section with your impressions!

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