Mary Gipson shares the importance of caring for others and the self in her interview with BRU. 

“Sexy. Soulful. Relatable.” Singer-songwriter Mary Gipson describes her music with these three words. The providence based artist speaks with authority over her sound in a way that tells you instantly, she’s the real deal. Gipson started out in music young, doing open mics and dabbling in the studio. Getting herself out there and learning from experience has long been her favorite way to make music. “I love live music, and wherever the live music is at I’m at.” 

But what does her process look like, and how does she go from artistic vision to palatable lyrics? “I would listen to an instrumental,” she says, making the process appear incredibly simple and effortless. “I’m an artist I used to draw and paint. So when I hear music, I see visions as I hear it. Whatever I see visually is what I write about.” She truly lets the music speak to her, and in doing so creates music that is raw and honest, powerful and beautiful. The most notable track that carries this sentiment is her lead single, “Therapy.” “I can be your therapy,” she sings out to an unknown lover, friend, confidante. When asked exactly what this means for her, she has a thought out, detailed answer. “It means that there are no judgments. I just want to give everyone peace of mind.”

But carrying the struggles of everyone else in her heart takes energy. Gipson explains the ways she helps herself help others citing  “Just being by myself. Just riding in a car.” as part of her daily routine. She finds support in the communities around her, from family to fans. She pays homage to her mother, noting her love for strong, incredible women in her life. “We’re so powerful, and we’re so slept on.”Other loved ones help hold her accountable as well.”My sister too, um, she’s got a really good head on her shoulders. She inspires me to be more of that hard side you know… cuz I’m a little too nice sometimes. Until I’m not. ” It’s all about balance for Mary who desires to make the world a better place but will not allow herself to be walked on for someone else’s gain. She asserts herself and her desires, constantly working towards her personal goals regardless of anyone else’s ability to help her get there.

That said, the local phenom is great at collaboration as well. She’s the frontman of a soulful, R&B cover band named SoulBabe. The biggest struggle in working with a sizable band is the coordination given people have other jobs and not everyone is free at the same time. But even with the band members’ busy schedules, SoulBabe manages to perform around Providence regularly, “we do weekly gigs at Nara Lounge now,” Gipson notes. Each time the group is sure to be gathering crowds to hear their smooth, jazzy, soulful sound and their covers of classic songs like “Superstition” and “Proud Mary.” Mary “never expected to be singing with a live band an that gives you such a different sound. It’s so amazing. It’s like musical magic,” but seems to have found her place on the stage saying live performance has been one of her biggest opportunities for musical growth. “And vocal training. I know how to control my vocals,” she notes as another point of her artistic development. Mary is constantly working on her technique just as much as her creativity, acknowledging the importance of improving in all performance areas. 

You can hear some of Gipson’s new sound on the track she plans to drop this fall. She wants to emphasize though, that she won’t be pressured into a rushed release. “I have to be happy with what I’m going to put out,” she notes, and it’s easy to understand why. Gipson produces music for herself first and foremost, and others enjoying her product is just a bonus. “Do it because you love it and don’t do it because of what other people tell you to do.” It’s a motto she holds in her life just as in her music-making. Staying true to herself is crucial to ensure she stays inspired and “[keeps the color]” in what she’s doing. If she ever sidesteps or loses sight of where she’s headed, she reminds herself  “you gotta just jump.” After all, she’s ” strong, confident, and friendly,” but most of all here to stay, ready to grow, and constantly trying to make the world a better place.

Be sure to listen to Mary’s song, “Therapy” available on all streaming services now, and if you want to see her perform live, check out her Instagram @marygipsontv for her latest news.


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