Yesterday afternoon, I had the pleasure of sitting in on Ivan and Alyosha live in studio. Originally from Seattle, Washington,  Ivan and Alyosha were greeted by the beautiful Providence sun their first time in this city. Tim Wilson, Ryan Carbary, Tim Kim, and Pete Wilson allowed WBRU listeners to hear their folk-pop/indie rock sound during their acoustic performances of “Don’t Wanna Die Anymore,” “Easy to Love,” and “The Fold.”

Why name the band “Ivan and Alyosha?”

I&A: The name comes two characters from a Russian novel who are brothers. One’s a monk and the other is an atheist. And we really liked the name.

I&A discussed that the name plays a role in the music in that the music they write is centered around the themes of spirituality, relationships, family, life, questions, and doubts.

How did the band come together?

I&A: Ryan and I (Tim Wilson), had been writing and working together for a couple of years, and later my brother Pete and Tim Kim who we went to high school with joined.

Where are some of your favorite places to play?

I&A: In Montana, there are some great people there. And the Bowery!

What are y’all up to, any big news?

Ivan and Alyosha are currently on tour! A link to their website to learn more is right here and their blog and tour dates can be located here

They just premiered their music video for their song The Fold which was featured on last night’s episode of Bones on Fox. (9/30) The music video can be viewed here.

Ivan and Alyosha played at the Met in Providence last night with NEEDTOBREATHE and they are playing a sold out show at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City tonight at 8pm.


We hope to see them again soon!