WBRU News is proud to release Unearthed, a podcast series highlighting conversations with people who are personally involved in a major issue. We’ll unearth the experiences and emotions of people you might not otherwise meet.

This season, WBRU News takes aim at the issue of guns, which is dividing the nation and inspiring our generation to take action. We are a group of college students in Rhode Island, with the mission to reveal different people’s views on guns. In Unearthed, we go beyond the rhetoric. Our goal isn’t to decide who’s right or wrong. Instead, we hope to unearth real stories and spark discussion. We want to help listeners everywhere appreciate the many sides of controversial issues. Will this podcast change your mind? Confirm what you already believe? Leave you with more questions? That’s up to you.

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Ray Duggan hasn’t been able to walk since he was shot by a rival gang at age 22. Once an active shooter for his own gang, Ray now devotes his life to keeping kids out of the same violence he was submerged in. Alina Kulman reports Ray’s story in our first episode of Unearthed.

As a mother, Jennifer Boylan fears for her children’s lives every time they board the school bus. As an activist at Moms Demand Action, she is determined to prevent gun violence through legislative reform. Listen in on reporter Hana Park’s conversation with Jennifer to explore the gun debate through one mother’s eyes.

When Kyle McCarthy opened his gun store, his mom said he was helping murderers. But that didn’t stop him. An avid sport shooter and passionate gun collector, Kyle is dedicated to teaching new shooters about gun safety — especially those who didn’t grow up with guns. Listen in on reporter Eli Morimoto’s conversation with Kyle to better understand the mind of one devoted gun owner.

How can one take guns off the streets? Scott Lapham uses art. An artist and teacher, Scott has lost four of his students to gun violence. He now leads One Gun Gone, a public art project that creates gun-shaped sculptures to speak out against the violence and fund a gun buyback program in Providence. Check out Audrey’s conversation with Scott, to learn a new form of activism against gun violence.

Shihab Ali is a third-year resident and emergency physician at Rhode Island Hospital, so he understands the extreme toll that a bullet can take on the human body. On this episode, Shihab discusses with reporter Ben Myers the unique challenges that arise from treating gunshot wounds, both personally and institutionally.

Meet Amanda Milkovits, a journalist who doesn’t report to an office but to a crime scene. Check out the final episode of Unearthed, where reporter Carolyn Paletta learns how Amanda’s experience covering hundreds of shootings and trials has shaped her view on gun violence in Providence.



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