If you’re new to AM Aesthetic, settle down and get comfortable. An alt rock band based in the dog-eat-dog urban landscape of New York, these guys kick out tunes in the vein of Lostprophets and 30 Seconds To Mars, with huge sounds and even bolder tunes. Signed to New York City based indie label BHi Music Group and commissioned by music industry and digital entertainment veteran Dick Wingate, alongside co-founders/managing BHiMG’s partners Christian Cedras and Krista Retto, AM Aesthetic is sure to give the music industry a run for its money for the remaining of 2014 and beyond. The band just released its 13-track album Future Tense on October 21st and is expected to gain even more momentum in the coming months with its current distribution through Caroline Distribution, a division of Capitol Music Group.  Catch a glimpse of AM Aesthetic’s video soundtracks below:

‘The End’ is AM’s lead single and is a pleasurable track that is bound to keep picking up steam. ‘I Can Tell’ is laced with glimmers of the Strokes, but packaged in AM Aesthetic’s unique style. The guitars chime and shimmer, the hook threatens to lodge itself in your mind for the next week, and the vocal harmonies are the icing on the cake. The variety of style and influence that these guys display makes the music all the more enjoyable – at times Rob Suchecki’s vocals, although unique and crisp, show a similarity to that of  Fountains Of Wayne’s Chris Collingwood. ‘Weightless’ starts off sounding like a Bastille track, eventually morphing into a dark and brooding piece of alt rock, with its lonely piano chords and massive, sprawling distorted guitars that create a huge wash of sound that forms a kind of sonic velvet backdrop for the vocals which rise up and soar to great heights on the chorus.

AM Aesthetic haven’t completely reinvented the wheel, but don’t be fooled. They have developed an entirely new method of transportation: they are a band committed to a clear sound and style, and Future Tense is an ideal example of the kind of alt rock that any fan of indie music would be mistaken to miss out on. Be sure to check back for a full review of AM Aesthetic’s Future Tense this Friday! For now take a listen and check out Future Tense on iTunes:

Produced by: AM Aesthetic
Mixed by: Jeremy Cimino  Mastered by: Carl Rowhatti
A&R: Shane Galvin
Executive Producers: Dick Wingate, Christian Cedras, Krista Retto
Label: BHi Music Group | PublisherLittle Big House Music (BMI)
US & Canada Distribution: Caroline

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