The drop of “Hot Girl Summer” by Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj alongside “WHOREGASM” by Cupcakke is more than just music to twerk to; it’s an ode to embracing sexuality and self-confidence as a Hot Girl.

Self-proclaimed Hot Girl Meg Thee Stallion released the song everyone has been waiting for all summer long. Since the takeover of hot girl summer, fans have been waiting for a song that explicitly captures the energy of the season. Megan Thee Stallion heeded this desire and teamed up with both Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign to drop a song on August 9, 2019. The song is explicit, flirtatious, vulgar, and entirely fitting for the hot girl spirit. The track has incredible mixing, and a percussion-heavy beat underlines all three minutes of the song. Meg calls to the City Girls’ track from earlier this year, “Act Up,” with the repeated refrain “Real ass bitch give a fuck” throughout each chorus, punctuating the beginning of each new verse. Nicki, of course, delivers her verse expertly, showing her versatility in collaborations and enhancing the song even further.

The Hot Girl energy is evident elsewhere in the music scene as well. Cupcakke released her newest song, “WHOREGASM,” the day before Meg dropped her beat. “WHOREGASM” is exactly as crude as it sounds. It’s erotic in many ways, detailing in depth Cupcakke’s seduction techniques and sexual encounters. The beat that Cupcakke uses to accentuate her bold, sultry rhymes is one that sounds familiar, like it belongs in an film about espionage or as though it was stripped from Fifty Shades of Gray. It’s simple: the focus of the song is the lyrics and her ad-libbed moans. Clearly crafted in true Cupcakke style, the song would be deemed fully inappropriate for most settings, which only adds to its guilty-pleasure allure.

Though these two songs are only a small selection of the incredible music that has been released over these past summer months, they jointly illustrate a big movement in music: embracing sexuality. Throughout musical history, particularly in male-dominated genres such as hip-hop and R&B, women have long been subject to sexuality rather than the authors of it. Now, with this new music not only being released but gaining incredible traction, audiences are able to witness a new wave of intimate, sexy tunes. Women singing about sex and being hot in a way they control, subject to no one but their own desires, claiming them loud and proud, explicitly, and in as much or as little detail as they desire. After all, Hot Girl Summer isn’t just a season, it’s a lifestyle, a commitment to being unabashedly oneself, holding yourself with confidence, and allowing no one else to claim your hot girl identity. While all genres of music (and most areas of production, and society at large) have a ways to go in allowing women to be whoever they want to be — whether that’s moaning sex noises into a microphone or being quietly confident and spending time alone — these Hot Girl summer vibes and tracks are a good start.

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