This week we had the pleasure of having Chuck Staton and Eric Macksoud from Senior Discount for a few punk acoustic tunes. The guys played their acoustic versions of their classics Cindy, Afterlife and Never Say Forever! Senior Discount lead-singer Chuck Staton also stars alongside Brad Rohrer in a semi-weekly podcast called “Agreeing to Disagree: The Chuck and Brad Podcast” The podcast focuses on the personal lives of the two men, as well as “behind the scenes” about the band, and current movies, games, books and music. The podcast is celebrating their 300th episode with a bang on May 7th at Fete Music Hall @ 7:30 pm. The celebration will include a number of stand up comedy acts as well as the reveal of the longest prank Chuck and Brad have been preparing. Be sure to come by to the event to celebrate this occasion with the guys. Make sure you follow Senior Discount on Facebook and Spotify