At 7:30 on a cool Wednesday evening, Offbeat Motif strolled into the station, dressed mostly in black and ready to play. The four guys, based out of Wrentham, Mass., have been playing all around Providence and Boston since they came together last year. They describe themselves as a blend of rock, punk, surf and grunge—their music is aggressive but accessible, traditional without being tired.

They jump right into sound check, jamming and joking around as the BRU team plays around with the new lighting in studio. “I wrote three songs today” announces Connor, lead guitarist. Clearly, he’s on a roll. John, vocalist, jokingly expresses some doubt about his voice—but his bandmates quickly reassure him: “You are the songbird of the generation.” “He’s the male Mariah Carey!”

We’ll leave it to you, listeners, to judge whether or not he’s the male Mariah Carey—but the three songs played in studio were pretty darn good. The first song, “Pure and Ugly” features incredible riffs on the lead guitar and vocals ever so slightly reminiscent of Dan Auerbach. The second song swings in the punk direction, with some aggressive foot-stomping from John. Check out both, along with a third song and our classic “5 in 95” interview below!

Offbeat Motif has an opportunity to open the Earth Fest in Boston this year, and they need your help. Vote for them here! They’re also playing a show in Providence at Simmons 667 on July 16th. Tickets and more info are available at