It was dark and gloomy outside when Le Roxy Pro came in for their session — ironic, given their particular brand of surf-indie. Their music is perfect for a mid-July barbecue (or a mid-August Summer Concert Series show!), and it injects a spot of sunshine into a rainy day.

Their first song, explains lead vocalist/guitarist Brent Battey (you may know him as guitarist for the 2010 Rock Hunt winners the WANDAS) is only two chords. Dave, the only other member able to make it today, laughs: “Well, it’s probably more when we actually play it (and mess up).” We couldn’t spot any extra chords thrown in there, though–like everything they do, Le Roxy Pro makes “Whole Wide World” sound easy and relaxed.

The next song, “A Shot of Rhythm and Blues” is a melange of references–the acoustic approach highlights the blues influences; the chord progression recalls California surf rock; the song itself is pure 2010s. The final song, “Hold On Tight,” was written and released for Keep Boston Safe, a campaign against domestic violence: buy it here to contribute to the cause or learn more about the organization!