In perhaps our loudest session yet, Home BRU’d got a taste of Blackletter’s progressive new concept album, Station 15. To start things off, they played a piano interlude transitioning into the song called “Wasteland.” Singer Dave Laros switches seamlessly between piano and vocals to mark the different sections of this hard rock jam. Instead of using a typical guitar combo rig, Vic Foley uses a vintage Fender Bassman head to project his wailing lead lines in the room. Originally built for bass, the amplifier is known for delivering serious guitar tones with four 10 inch speakers. This tone is especially noticeable in the second track of their set, “Murder on the Run.” The third song, “Spider,” begins with some powerful dynamic changes between full band chord hits to a simple repeating piano lick. Blackletter brought a ton of energy to this track, as the different sections blend together to convey the conceptual story of Station 15. Dave’s fiery vocals scream of the post apocalyptic wasteland described in their album set to drop on December 3rd at a release party at the Met. In this story, Dave’s character, Arsen, is faced with the challenges of a nuclear fallout and the mutant creatures it has spawned.

Keep an eye out for Blackletter playing near you in the upcoming months so you can get a taste of their gritty, virtuosic rock!