By the time I arrived, 7 piece ska local legends Bad Larry had the station surrounded. They rattled off their names faster than Will Hunting making up some brothers and, embarrassed that I had somehow managed to catch none of them, I let them in. Maybe it was just in my head, but as each one passed me by and shook my hand I could swear they were taking on roles of the seven dwarves (I definitely saw Happy and Bashful). Some of them were dressed like they had just gotten back from a long day at the office, tapping away data entry on a computer with a flickering screen that should have updated months ago, others like they had just finished another day of listening to Ms. Henderson drone on in Geography class again. Either way, they were ready to blow off some steam and rock.The band whipped out their sparkling trumpets, plugged in their guitars readied their sticks, and heigh-ho, off to work they went!

I’m not going to try and describe quite what the experience was like of listening to Bad Larry, because I’m not sure I can do it more justice than the videos below. But I will say this: there was some definite headbanging from our recording engineer.

Check them out 11/7 with Senior Discount at the Met.



Rad pics:

Bad Larry rules