Mark and Kyle from Cannibal Ramblers came by WBRU last week for a relaxed and fun studio session. After a couple of aborted first takes (it helps to turn the camera on….) the duo launched into “Last Night I Drank Too Much,” a particularly spirited—and even joyous?—take on having a hangover. Mark, on slide guitar, and Kyle, on drums, trade bluesy riffs and fills alongside call-and-response lyrics. “Trouble” and “Going Home” revel in raw, rootsy rock. The obvious joy in their performance somehow reconciles easily with the songs’ blues tonalities. Over the six years they’ve been together, the band has landed on a sound that is “ragged like a rusty knife,” full of energy, and a lot of fun.

Cannibal Ramblers will be taking the Summer Concert Series stage at 7:15 on July 21st at Waterplace Park—come through! If you miss them on Friday (and happen to be in New York City over the weekend) catch them on Saturday, July 22nd, at The Red Hook Bait and Tackle in Brooklyn, NY.