You may know them as the WINNERS of the 2014 WBRU Rock Hunt, or simply as a staple in Providence local music, or you might not even know them at all! Whatever you’re previous knowledge is of The Rare Occasions, get ready for your world to be rocked.


The group came in for a Home Bru’d Session before their 2014 Dunkin’ Donuts Summer Concert Series show and seriously rocked our new music room. Check out some live music and an exclusive interview below!

“Dysphoric” (above) is the band’s latest single and if you didn’t watch it all the way through, you’re missing out on some great beats and impressive strumming patterns!

For an older favorite, watch below to see The Rare Occasions perform “Getaway” LIVE.


And since we all know I LOVE ukulele, here’s a special little number more for me than anything else… but I guess you can enjoy it too 🙂


Still not enough Rare Occasions for you? We were begging for more too… here’s what we got! (We weren’t disappointed – bet you won’t be either!)


Check out the exclusive Home Bru’d interview w/ Derek below!