Every year, WBRU hunts for the best local alt rock band in Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts. Every night at 9 for the month of October, Home BRU’d is taking you back in time to listen to all the past champions of the local scene – the winners of WBRU’s Rock Hunt from 1990 to now.

Below is the list of acts we’ll be playing throughout the month of October and which night you can hear their song on air. Be sure to tune in to celebrate over two decades of local legends!

10/3-Le Roxy Pro (2016)

10/4-Public Alley (2015)

10/5-The Rare Occasions (2014)

10/6-Torn Shorts (2013)

10/7-Roz and The Rice Cakes (2012)

10/10-VulGarrity (2011)

10/11-The Wandas (2010)

10/12-Fairhaven (2009)

10/13-It Was The Best Of Times (2008)

10/14-Triangle Forest (2007)

10/17-The Sleazies (2006)

10/18-Sasquatch and the Sick-A-Billys (2005)

10/19-The Lingo (2004)

10/20-Zox (2003)

10/21-Monty Are I (2002)

10/24-M-80 (2001)

10/25-The L.U.V.’s (1998)

10/26-Blairs Carriage (1995)

10/27-Angry Salad (1993)

10/28- Jungle Dogs (1990)