In mid-March, BRU had the privilege of speaking with the late Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading of Her’s, then-Liverpool-based indie-pop duo with two outstanding records to their names. Later that month, BRU covered the tragic passing of both band members in a fatal car accident on their first US tour.

On May 28th, Her’s posthumously released a music video via label Heist or Hit accompanying their standout track “She Needs Him” off the 2018-released LP Invitation to Her’s. The video features Stephen and Audun dappled in phosphorescent light, jamming along in somber passion. Director Sébastien Séjourné combines vibrant neon animations with kaleidoscopic splashes of light to frame the duo in a mosaic of purples and blues. The audio of the track doesn’t reach the end of the original recording, as the music video ends with a soft twinkle of notes instead of the longer outro, possibly an allusion to the band’s premature passing. The music video is a testament to Her’s passion for creative expression and the spirit of love they shared that will live on forever.

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