OK Go revolutionized the way music videos are made, and now they are about to revolutionize the standard concert format.

In an exclusive interview with lead singer Damian Kulash, we learned about the band’s recent struggle to create a show that is accessible and inclusive of all of their fans, from the 6-year-olds to the senior citizens. They decided to incorporate the audience into their shows to break down the barrier between artist and fan. Kulash compared the experience to a “film screening” in which the audience is invited to participate by asking questions and engaging in discussion.  Rather than simply play a show for fans to watch, OK Go invite fans to play an active role.

Kulash, who studied Modern Culture and Media at Brown University, described how society is so accustomed to concerts being the standard “show” format that fans are often shocked to be able to participate in OK Go’s shows. The audience has responded well to this new format, actively engaging and truly connecting with the band.

OK Go will be performing this Saturday (Nov. 3) at Veterans Memorial. Those who are lucky enough to possess tickets to this sold-out show will have the chance to interact with the band and witness some stellar performances. I know everyone here at WBRU can’t wait for the show, and we hope to catch you all there!

Also, be sure to listen to the Alt stream, where we’ll be playing our exclusive interview with Kulash!