GROUPLOVE: a successful US-based indie band created in 2009 by Hannah Hooper, Christian Zucconi, Sean Gadd, Andrew Wessen, and Ryan Rabin. These band members met and hit it off while at an art residency in Crete, Greece. At the end of the summer residency, the artists were to leave to their respective cities of Brooklyn, London, and LA, but realized how unique their musical connection was.

The performers pulled funds together and soon met in LA to record their first album.

And the rest is history. The bands real success started in 2011, when their first EP “Colours” hit it big on the musical charts.

Colours [official video]:

Soon after, the bands second single “Tongue Tied” dropped, appearing in an iPod commercial and climbing musical charts.

GROUPLOVE played for the WBRU summer concert series two years ago and we could not be more excited to have them back in our midst this fall for our annual Birthday Bash!

Toungue Tied at WBRU Dunkin’ Donuts 95.5 WBRU Summer Concert Series 2012


Also be sure to check out GROUPLOVE’s latest album, “Spreading Rumours,” released this past September and including hits such as “Ways to Go,” “Hippie Hill,” “Save the Party for Me,” and “Raspberry.” See how the album was made below!