King Princess’s new single is sultry, seductive, and exactly what the sexually submissive among us have been waiting for. The 20-year-old singer, whose real name is Mikaela Straus, released her newest track, “Hit the Back,” on Thursday, October 3rd — just before the kickoff of her Cheap Queen tour. The singer teased her latest song on social media as “the anthem for bottoms everywhere,” and an anthem it certainly is.

Straus is no stranger to queer-centric music; in fact, the rising star has become synonymous with queer female sexuality through hits like “1950” and “Pussy is God,” and her latest song fits right in. But in “Hit the Back,” she expresses more than just queer pride — King Princess revels in, and asks her listeners to revel in, bottom-ness. She embraces submissiveness with lyrics like “I’m your pet” and “I don’t care if you degrade me,” and finds power in giving in, asking “ain’t I the best you had?”

In addition to its empowering lyrics, “Hit the Back” also has all the makings of an anthemic track. It’s obvious Straus is enjoying herself in the song, and it’s hard as a listener not to catch some of the infectious glee in her voice. She also skillfully walks the line between energetic and sexy—“Hit the Back” would be equally plausible to hear at a pride parade, a club, or in the bedroom. Add to this the “Hit the Back” dance that King Princess posted on social media, which is just simple enough to become a viral phenomenon, and there’s no doubt that “Hit the Back” will quickly join the ranks of iconic queer anthems.

Listen to “Hit the Back” here and find tickets to her tour here.

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