Rence has recently released his new EP, Fall 2019.  Read on to learn more about the confessional vibe of the EP and the artist behind it all.

Brooklyn-based artist Rence’s catchy, genre-bending music has been making waves since 2017, from millions of Spotify streams to a track with Noah Cyrus. The release of his EP Fall 2019 marks a new phase in the musician’s career. The six-track EP released by Epic Records opens with a playful clip of the singer speaking in the studio. “If I make it up and it sounds good, then we leave it in. And if I don’t and it’s terrible, then we take it out and never hear it again,” he says, playfully inviting the listener into his creative process. The openness of the introduction to “Darkside” matches the EP’s almost confessional feel. With songs titled “super sad” and “You don’t wanna know me,” Rence uses Fall 2019 as a space to work through feelings of guilt, sadness, and frustration. Lyrics like “I’m at my lowest, downward and lonely” off of the track “I Know” are accompanied by the artist’s unique, almost hypnotic sound which combines hip-hop style beats, RnB vocals, and addictive electronic processing.

In the song “Patience” Rence sings “maybe I’m a product of my generation.” In many ways, Fall 2019 feels like a product of its generation in a hopeful way. With production styles reminiscent of other emerging artists like Dominic Fike, and meditative lyrics that signal Rence’s evolution as an artist, this EP was one that could only have been made in 2019. Rence, instead of shying away from the present, uses it as an opportunity to reflect on the past, and create songs that sound like the future of music. On the EP’s final song “Darker” featuring Chris Miles, he remarks that things don’t feel like they used to. Perhaps that’s true, but Fall 2019 is proof that Rence himself has changed and will continue to grow as a musical force in the seasons to come.

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