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Triathalon are back with another unconventional yet dream-inducing visual for their newest single, “Distant.” Co-directed by lead vocalist Adam Intrator and New York-based filmmaker Peter B. Samuels, “Distant” depicts a lazy, hazy suburban summer which Intrator yearns to escape. In addition to Intrator, the video features the band’s four other members: Chad, Hunter, Lamont & Kristina. At first viewing, the quirky aesthetic of the video plays into the nonchalant theme of the song: an escape from summer boredom. Further consideration proves that Triathalon’s message is deeper than what appears on the surface: through his shiny, soft vocals, Intrator expresses his distaste for the current state of the world (“I’m just sick of always watching the news”) and his distance from home (“I haven’t been home in a minute / I’ve been distant”), due in part to both the group’s relocation from Savannah, GA to New York, as well as frequent touring as a result of the group’s recent rise in popularity. 

Featuring vintage Bianchi road bikes and cul-de-sacs, the beauty of “Distant” is its simplicity. Despite the name “Triathalon” and the frequent bicycling throughout the video, you can rest assured that this is not an Ironman highlight reel. Guitarist Hunter masters wobbly guitar melodies in backyards and bathtubs, Lamont chills in a lawn chair outside a garage, Chad adds keyboard sounds in the dining room, and Kristina eats grapes on the patio. Painted with cool blues, vibrant greens, and soft browns, the music video bounces around rooms in a house and streets in a neighborhood, much like one does at the end of the summer when one’s run out of ideas. “Distant” does away with the mundanity of an overripe summer and invites in the prospective wonders of fall.

Catch Triathalon alongside The Marias on tour this fall at Brighton Music Hall in Boston, November 20th @ 7pm.

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