This past Wednesday, King Princess released her short film “Best Friend” on Spotify Rise.  The empowering film addresses gender queerness, femininity, and love.  In the piece, the artist interviews individuals of different ages and identities about how the society they grew up in contributed to their ability to their abilities to be themselves.  She chronicles not only the process of what it takes to be able to embrace your own identity and but also the way the way individuals in the film experience love, regardless of whether it is between friends or lovers.

She performed her song “Best Friend” which is not officially released yet, at a sold out show at El Rey Theatre in  Los Angeles on July 26. The whimsical song about friendship and loyalty plays quietly in the background of the film.  While the song is not set to be released until later in the year, listeners can appreciate the message in the meantime by streaming her film which is available on Spotify Rise here. The film will leave you yearning to hug your loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you, so make sure to go give it a look!

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