Wednesday Exposure = tied for best Exposure (with Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday)

It’s a wet Wednesday here in PVD, which I guess means we truly are into spring. Check out DJ Mike’s favorite new tracks on today’s Exposure playlist!

Yuno – “No Going Back”

Winter – “Zoey”

Belly – “Shiny One”

Yoke Lore – “Fake You”

Valley Queen – “Chasing the Muse”

Ought – “Desire”

Moaning – “Tired”

Low Cut Connie – “Beverly”

Hovvdy – “In the Sun”

Eleanor Friedberger – “Make Me A Song”

Frog Eyes – “Idea Man”

Soccer Mommy – “Cool”

The Shacks – “Follow Me”

The Shacks – “Haze”

Young Jesus – “Green”

Melody’s Echo Chamber – “Breath In, Breath Out”