We went for the international jugular tonight, and I won’t apologize.  Nous Non Plus pulled out all the funky stops they could find, Porcelain Raft dropped out of nowhere from Italy, the Asteroids Galaxy Tour singed off their own eyebrows (seriously, what the hell is their deal; “Heart Attack” is like candy-coated lightning), and Sleigh Bells — wait, nevermind, Sleigh Bells aren’t foreign, they’re just supernatural.

Exposure: giving you $5 domestics but only $2 imports all night.  Dum Dum Girls drink free.

  1. Nous Non Plus, “Bunga Bunga”
  2. Dum Dum Girls, “Bedroom Eyes”
  3. Porcelain Raft, “Unless You Speak fromYour Heart”
  4. Dead Sara, “Weatherman”
  5. DJ Shadow feat. Tom Vek, “Warning Call”
  6. Flogging Molly, “Saints & Sinners”
  7. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, “Heart Attack”
  8. St. Vincent, “Cruel”
  9. Locksley, “The Whip”
  10. The Humans, “Sugar Rush”
  11. Mister Heavenly, “Bronx Sniper”
  12. Class Actress, “Weekend”
  13. Sleigh Bells, “Born to Lose”
  14. The Drums, “Money”