IAMDYNAMITE was kickass enough to play a set in the WBRU conference room this afternoon, so Colby Jack would be remiss if he didn’t respond in kind. “Stereo” never gets old, and Exposure’s a better place for it having been on our airwaves. #WEAREDYNAMITE, so get it trending y’all.

  1. Chains of Love, “All the Time”
  2. Miniature Tigers, “Sex on the Regular”
  3. Dry the River, “Weights and Measures”
  4. MxPx, “Far Away”
  5. The Cribs, “Come On, Be A No One”
  6. Gorillaz feat. Andre 3000 and James Murphy, “DoYaThing”
  7. Gold Motel, “Safe in LA”
  8. Taproot, “No Surrender”
  9. Sleigh Bells, “Comeback Kid”
  10. Torche, “Kicking”
  11. IAMDYNAMITE, “Stereo”
  12. The Big Pink, “Hit the Ground (Superman)”
  13. The Middle East, “Jesus Came to My Birthday Party”