Really, who could concentrate on anything this week besides Jack White’s solo album announcement and first single?  I tried to think about something else, but then I saw a pale man with the wrath of Zeus behind him, and I decided to take the high road and go back to my hero-worship.  I’m not one to argue.  The man is a legend in his own time, and when Blunderbuss drops, you can expect to hear ALL the deep cuts on Exposure.  Heck, I might even leak it early…who can tell…

But, in honor of Mr. White III, I played a little Dr. Dog.  I think they’re up his alley, right past the stills and old elephant heads.

  1. Dr. Dog, “That Old Black Hole”
  2. Matt and Kim, “Good for Great”
  3. Purple Melon, “Kings of the World”
  4. The Gift, “Made for You”
  5. Middle Class Rut, “Are You on Your Way?”
  6. LIGHTS, “Siberia”
  7. Fucked Up, “Queen of Hearts”
  8. The Big Pink, “Stay Gold”
  9. The Black Pacific, “Living with Ghosts”
  10. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, “Heart Attack”
  11. Foxy Shazam, “I Like It”
  12. The Features, “How It Starts”
  13. Bon Iver, “Holocene”